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    Re: League of Legends Section

    Well if you could hack it properly, it would be fun. I mean Riot gave us a little bit of Hexakill (6v6) but if you could make a 10v10 mode, that could be fun. Also constant urf mode would be cool.

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    Re: League of Legends Section

    So what do you think of an area for this game, it seems like many here.

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    Re: League of Legends Section

    kind of pointless don't you think?
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    Re: League of Legends Section

    I agree with DrHotSSJ 8.4. There are a lot of things that Riot does on LoL which people don't agree with. I think that these things can be corrected in a good private server. And everyone has a different opinion on things.

    The cons of a League private server would be the amount of people playing it. Riot has a lot of players and still the queues take a pretty long time. Imagine joining a queue with like 100 people (online) of which some are already playing and some not in the queue.

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