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MineCraft Server Development Section

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    Re: MineCraft Server Development Section

    I say go for it, MentaL!

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    Re: MineCraft Server Development Section

    Quote Originally Posted by Nillus View Post
    I'm interested in it, for the past 3.5 years I've been writing servers in C# and Java, mainly Habbo private server emus. (the stuff they run on these days) I like MineCraft alot and making an open source Java game server for it would be awesome. Make it easy to extend and have a mod database online, web frontend for admins, all the good stuff. Sounds cool. Has anyone done any research on the network protocol so far?
    Nillus into Minecraft!?
    This would be epic.

    I don't think any network protocol has been researched yet (not that I know of atleast)
    But if we get this section, I'm pretty sure we'd find something out.

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    Re: MineCraft Server Development Section

    I'll go ahead and vote a "yes".

    Minecraft itself is a very fun game you can play offline.
    It's even better when you play alpha with your friends online.

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    Re: MineCraft Server Development Section

    Quote Originally Posted by Moogly View Post
    I believe minecraft is a new edge we'd have if we added it to our community now, because later on there will be bigger communities to run minecraft related servers and such (even if there already are). We need to act fast, and a lot of people play the damn game, in just a few weeks, it's gone from unknown to the PM of most people on my MSN 'Busy - Minecraft' it's kind of shocking how addictive a rather simple game can be, but beneficial for RaGEZONE, I'm sure we'd have a kickass section for it, it wouldn't be our usual MMO section, but GTASAMP isn't really an MMO (tho there are lots of servers and mods.) It would be a different but typical section at RaGEZONE, one that could probably get us a lot of users if set up properly (need to consider Client related sections, not just Server).
    That just blew my mind its exactly what i was trying to say but you said it perfect!

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    Re: MineCraft Server Development Section

    meh, what the hell.. I'll make it.
    Madison Fan Club Member : #1 . Thank you <3

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