# About Ran Section #

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    # About Ran Section #

    hello guys

    Ran section ,
    this section already not so clean , too many people post at wrong section but no one clean it
    already 5 days , and 1 week still no people clean

    don't know why
    i think maybe the mod don't develop Ran online private server
    so i suggest have 2 new ran moderator or call other mod that was hardworking to care the section

    thank you
    sorry bad english @MentaL told me to post here xD
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    Re: # About Ran Section #

    i've been looking on the ran online section, yes there's so much thread in the wrong section, and i reported it immediately,
    and as far as i see in the log, no one have ever reported it, except me.
    you can use report button to report,
    as far as i know, james always so very active to handle report....
    as long as you reported it, i believe it will be handled, just put more explained reason, because sometimes just clicking on spam/wrong section aren't enough without further explanation why it's spam/wrong section, and where's that thread should be

    if your report aren't handled more than 1 week, you can try to PM super mod, that is what i usually do
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