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    Re: Remove "Must like to view content"

    Quote Originally Posted by likertuban View Post
    wow, it makes me think about something, why not add new button? "thanks button" instead dislike button
    well, a release not always mean to be liked, but i think we can appreciate the one who release it by thanking, this give ambiguation between like and thanks...
    Likes should be given after having downloaded the content. Not upfront.

    I never liked it how the thanks button got replaced by the like button.
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    Re: Remove "Must like to view content"

    Well, for a lot of thinking here is my point of view (of course, many can disagree):

    The button shouldn't be used in case it is an release thread and it is used for hidding the download URL, or images, which is essential in the post, so it could give Mods some confusion, and even infract for not adding such contents.

    Mods could have the option (if they don't have already) of seeing what is inside the like button without even likeing it. Tbh, I didn't even knew it existed before this thread. Or at least say (even without the user puts on the thread) that there's hidden content, or be necessary a user to say it (Downloads etc).

    As @MentaL said, it can be sent as a gift, since whoever bought it (specially being such expensive subscription) is helping not only RaGEZONE, but also his family.

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    Re: Remove "Must like to view content"

    Quote Originally Posted by The General View Post
    It is like pay to win. Where people takes it years to get there, it now all is about just a few releases and the correct audience and you're there.


    It is funny how you try to put the blame in my shoes. I made a post in your thread and all your 'friends' who helped you rename butterfly emulator start disliking my post too. Currently it again shows you cannot speak the truth. The 4 posts I made in this threads have all been disliked by you except one. And stop PM'ing me trying to put the blame on me. You started structurally disliking my posts and you're just jealous I made this thread.

    "Leuk en aardig dat dislike, ik denk dat we er eens mee moeten ophouden. Ik schiet er niks mee op en jij ook vast niet. Ik begrijp dat je het irritant vind. Alleen vind ik het wel zielig dat je een thread gaat maken over mijn extratje"
    -> Nice that dislike feature though I think you should quit with it. I don't gain anything from it neither do you. I understand you find it annoying. I think it is low to start a thread about my special feature.

    Your updates are all along the lines of:

    "Like if you want to have the download" or "Like if you want more updates." It is like you're living on the damn likes and can't stand it when someone just dislikes your post. You instantly feel you ego getting hurt and start disliking all the post I make even outside of your thread without any commenting or any other constructive reason. Sure you have all the rights to dislike any post but I think it is abusing the feature when you start disliking any post based on your personal opinion about me.

    Guess you feel cool with the more likes than posts and the adress of Elisa in your location. I don't care about how much money you pay MentaL. Even if you sold your soul to him. As a matter of fact you're just compulsive disliking anything that hurts your ego.
    I actually don't see why you have a problem with this at all.

    So far its only you who has had the problem, and Mental himself has said he put the feature in as an added thanks for buying a $100 sub! Its $100! People put $100 to but better kit in WoW, or pay a subscription to Habbo hotel to get extra clothes, features and furni.

    Im closing this. Its turning into a flame war, and its quite apparent that its only General who doesn't like it.

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