Scammer accusation section

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    Scammer accusation section

    So I'm not really sure if ragezone supports sales on their forums outside of the sales section. But we are all aware that it happens anyway privately.

    I thought it would be a good idea to add a section where members were able to report scammers, providing as much proof as possible. There could also be scammer accusation helpers which guide members through the process, making sure they post as much information as possible.

    If there is sufficient proof, we could give them a scammer. Every day I'm seeing people getting scammed or people attempting to scam, but it sorta goes unnoticed because people don't really know how to report it.

    I also understand there are Vbulletin plugins that detect multi accounts based on IP address, which can automatically place them into a usergroup. So if someone is tagged and makes a new account, it would place them into the scammer usergroup automatically

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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    We have so many times reminded users to not pay for anything in private as there are high chances of getting scammed. RaGEZONE is a free MMO community and we encourage users to share their development and releases with a free heart for good purposes.

    If a user chooses to negotiate terms privately with a guy who claims to sell what he/she wants for a cost/payment .. RaGEZONE is in no way affliated with it. It's the user's choice and the user pays the consequences. With that being said, there is no need for a "scammer accusation section". Such sections are unhealthy and will only start flamewars as anyone can claim anyone scammed them.

    I hope you understand.

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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaulient View Post
    If a user chooses to negotiate terms privately with a guy who claims to sell what he/she wants for a cost/payment .. RaGEZONE is in no way affliated with it. It's the user's choice and the user pays the consequences.
    Thanks for a speedy reply! I understand

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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    We do not condone nor endorse the merchandise of (server) files via RZ outside of the Merchant Zone which has strict limitations regarding to what can and what cannot be sold / bought there.

    I see where you're coming from and I had similar ideas in the past. The big disadvantages with these report / collection threads are that it's likely getting out of hand at some point. Some sections have them however, it might be a thing, even though off-topic in these. (check up with the section mods)

    We clearly state a lot (in stickies and rules) that we never support the sale / trade of server files, and that it's likely to get scammed this way. And as harsh at that might sounds, if people still do it and accept trade offers via PM / Skype / w/e it's their own fault. I personally do not want to lose too much time with providing support for them honestly.

    On a side note: If people are being scammed during a legit sale inside the Merchant Zone they can use the Feedback Section to at least leave a negative reply or spread awareness on the seller / buyer in question. This should not be abused to report these PM scammers though.

    Thanks for your efforts against the scammers however! It's kind of a plague and annoying.

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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    It would create the so called "snowball" people flames on another, and so it would be a HUGE pain in the as$ for mods and such....personally I dont trust ANYONE without a solid reputation here (we all know who those users are), and MUCH Less if they contact me via any other way than forum legitimately known account....people should be smarter....we are supposed to be the 'smart guys'...if you get scammed so easily, how are you going to handle a large amount of users complaining/asking/begging and etc?....thats my PoV...and I really dont think this is a good idea....
    Anyways the multiaccount thingy I do support...but not to get them into same usergroup but to display something like "other accounts: (name of other account on same ip here) on the user info.

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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    As an addition to @Future and @Vaulient; All negotations and communication regarding a sale has to be done inside the thread which is inside the Merchant Zone as well. This is for your own safety.
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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Just for clarification, at RaGEZONE we do not allow the sale of server files and take pride in being a free resource. By implementing something like this we would indirectly be supporting the sale of files so it isn't something we will be doing.

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    Re: Scammer accusation section

    it opens way too many can of worms IMO especially with everyone using inspect element and photoshop.
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