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    Science section

    I want to suggest a Science section. No not a section where you request help for your homework... A section where we can have science related discussions. At school it was my favourite subject because its so interesting. We could discuss about the latest discoveries and so on.

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    Re: Science section

    I vouch! I love science.

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    Re: Science section

    I love science! I would be the one posting the most there though ...

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    Re: Science section

    Yeah I agree. Would like to see it :D
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    Re: Science section

    damn no homework support?! I sucked at Science...

    Anyway; I quite like the idea behind it. So sure why not.

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    Re: Science section

    I've seen science discussion being posted in the Outerworld before, is there really need for a section just for science?

    I'm just saying, I don't think this section would be deadly active. Science is great fun, but I have my doubts that there will be a lot of discussion on the subject. So is there really need for a own section, since we have a common discussion section where everything can be discussed?

    But hey, if enough people vouch that also indicates that this will be a active section, why not.

    I just want to quote Mucski from another post:
    Quote Originally Posted by mucski View Post
    Now that would be a boring section after like a month. So far even the portfolio is visited twice per week. Also , you guys keep suggesting sections that would totally kill the outerworld section. I mean , what's wrong with posting your travels in the outerworld? MentaL said the Outerworld is dying anyways , so you can just head over and start posting about travel. And while you do so , you might win some awards too
    This was about a travel section in the Outerworld section, same goes for a science section. You can basically discuss anything in that section, even science, so there shouldn't be a problem doing so. Especially if the Outerworld section is dying already, this would just contribute to more in-activeness in that section.
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    Re: Science section

    There aint much of a demand for it atm, if enough topics appear frequently in outerworld I would consider it.
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