(Un)necessary topics cleanin

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    (Un)necessary topics cleanin

    Why do you clear topics without salt or bitching, when users post admin fails, server bugs or low anticheat/bot behaviour combined with low admins knowledge?

    By doing this, you only waste time of many players and produce more shit posts.

    This forum is not neutral. One tread was cleared in that way, its like no shit ever happend. And server is a joke.

    You only make it harder for good admins, with solid files. With amount of shit servers, this informations area godsend.
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    Re: (Un)necessary topics cleanin


    generally speaking, posts are being deleted when they start derailing a topic, usually ending up in flame wars because users bring their grudges with people they know elsewhere onto RaGEZONE.

    Any hateful/flame comments being passed off as "constructive feedback" will be deleted and infractions will be handed out. If you don't know the difference between constructive criticism and flaming then don't post at all. We're working hard on dealing with issues like this and we will not tolerate such behaviour.
    It's ultimately at moderator's discretion to act on these posts.

    This is likely an individual issue. Could you PM me with the topic(s) in question?

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