Voice Chat?

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    Voice Chat?

    Can we have a voice chat here?
    Just a suggestion. Co'z I think it will be nice to add that feature in this great website.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Re: Voice Chat?

    Yes, definitely.
    Okay no, did you think this through at all? The beauty of a forum is that you can get a response, even after a couple of hours.

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    Re: Voice Chat?

    We are not even having a chat box, you want a voice chat?
    Create a ts server and vc with random people
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    Re: Voice Chat?

    A ts3 server would be nice.
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    Re: Voice Chat?

    there was a www.tinychat.com/outerworld

    video and audio. That's usually quite fun.

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    Re: Voice Chat?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChewBecca View Post
    there was a www.tinychat.com/outerworld

    video and audio. That's usually quite fun.
    I miss those conversations :(
    Even though I only participated in them three of four times

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    Re: Voice Chat?

    The idea of forum is to type and not to listen,
    with voice chat there will not be many replies :P
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    Re: Voice Chat?

    As @Luxray pointed out, it would be a total mayhem. You wouldn't even be able to hear yourself, plus some of the guys would just make funny voices, or fart all the time to gain attention. No thank you!

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    Re: Voice Chat?

    Too many users on here for that sort of thing. I'd rather not want to listen to people shouting over others.

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    Re: Voice Chat?

    Chat Box is become Spamming too i think.
    To max people.