Warframe to MMO?

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    Warframe to MMO?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been playing Warframe for some time now, It's a really good legit game!,

    Below will be a screenshot of play in game! - The screenshot may look weird as I was zoomed in...

    The game it's self is highly popular and get's a lot of attention everyday!
    When you first download the game as it is free on Xbox (Not to sure about PC ect).
    Anyway you get to choose between three characters: Volt, Excalibur & Mag.

    Although there are characters to choose from you can also purchase new one's in game!

    I really think Warframe should be apart of the MMO section as it's so big and got a population bigger than China.

    I have looked all around the MMO and haven't seen it, Of course if there is also a Warframe section this thread could be removed.

    -A short thread of a suggestion(WarFrame)

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    Re: Warframe to MMO?

    to make a section in MMO (this is MMO Development, not MMO game):
    1. there's emulator/serverfiles that work
    2. the community want it and ask for it, not only one or two person...
    so far, if i remember correctly, if those two requirement is met, a section will be made

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    Re: Warframe to MMO?

    It doesn't need its own section, from what I am reading you don't want a development section. Head over to The Gaming Hotspot! and make a discussion thread there for it if you want to discuss the game with others.