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    wink Just wondering

    where can i request something? XD well i just want to request of a certain game by IGG . it is close now due to hacking . ANYONE REMEMBER MOONLIGHT ONLINE? WELL ALOT OF PLAYER STILL MISS THIS GAME AND I HOPE THAT SOMEONE RECREATE IT

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    Re: Just wondering

    Requesting of a game would go under 'Suggestions', although I doubt the request will be taken any further as the game is no longer online.

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    Re: Just wondering

    This is suggestions you derp^
    @winshin You might find stuff in the MMORPG Extra section or try the search function. There's a few moonlight online related threads out there. Like JPride said though, it looks like a dead game. I haven't heard of moonlight online until now.

    Just to clarify, I saw this thread then searched Moonlight Online and saw some threads about it. That's how I know there's threads but haven't heard of the game until now.
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    Re: Just wondering

    Not sure I understand this 'suggestion' correctly, but this isn't the place to suggest developing a game.. I think you might have misunderstood what the forums are. This is a platform provided for MMO and MMORPG related development (together with other niches).

    I can't think of any section in here where you could ask someone to develop a game for you, I'm sorry. You probably have to be that person. Get familiar with what was released / leaked. Get any kind of information & files you can get. Start somewhere and ask along. As mentioned by @Unphased, MMORPG Extra is a good place to start for games which don't have their own section under the MMO Zone.

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    Re: Just wondering

    @Future After what I read i'd think that it should belong under the section below.

    MMORPG Extra Request
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