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    Re: xenforo announcement

    But why cant we stay on this vbulletin version forever?
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    Re: xenforo announcement

    well vb is launching alligations towards xenforo, i hope xenforo win, though i couldnt care less what forum we had XD

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    Well from a moderator point of view, I do like the look of XF's moderation tools

    I guess it looks alright and there are a few good features with it
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    Re: xenforo announcement

    I do not mind as long as nothing will be happen.

    I mean if you change from VB to XE nothing will happen right?
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    Re: xenforo announcement

    Noooooooooo, use MyBB!

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    Eh I love vbulletin <3 But I think you're smart enough to know whats best for rz.

    So if you wanna go with xenforo. Im tieing a rope around me neck and your hand so you can lead me along this new.. experience?

    Edit: Im not into bondage ._.
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    Re: xenforo announcement

    If XenForo ever gets a preety decent amount of features just like vB, the change should be made. If not, meh.

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    Quote Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
    Reasont here are no skins is because its not released until today and I did mention 2011 for a possible upgrade.
    I've noticed. Then I hope there will be great skins for it then. (:
    If it's going to change it to Xenforo, I hope it got the same futures as vBulletin and hopefully more and also faster.
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    Re: xenforo announcement

    XF.. 'nuff said.

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    See'ing as it's from past devs of vB, then getting features similar to that of vB would seem immanent. And themes will most likely start rolling out as soon as the software is released later today if there aren't any more delays...

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    Quote Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
    Im 99% sure vbseo will support XenForo simply because so many people are converting to XenForo.
    Why would you need vbseo though, that xf looks pretty much seo friendly already. Or does vbseo do something more than seo?

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    +1 for XF ;) Sexy name. Sexy interface. Sexy Facebook integration. Sexy use of HTML5. Sexy SEO. Sexy plugin system. Their development seems rather active too, so no worries there.

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    vb4 is crap..

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    What's wrong with you guys anyway? earlier we have getmangos migrated to fluxbb, and now you too Dan wants to migrate to xf? later you'll need medicine for migraine :p
    Well just don't keep us waiting too long if you decided to.

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    Re: xenforo announcement

    Quote Originally Posted by foxx View Post
    Why would you need vbseo though, that xf looks pretty much seo friendly already. Or does vbseo do something more than seo?
    unless you used vbseo you dont understand the benefit of it compaired to bog standard seo options, the software is a vital part of ragezone.
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