[Read] Before posting in the Talisman Section[UPDATED 19/04/12]

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    [Read] Before posting in the Talisman Section[UPDATED 19/04/12]

    Before posting in the Talisman Online Section I would like you to read this thread to prevent infractions and to help the section to keep clean and organized. I've seen a lot of nonsense threads like "<username> PM me" or "<username> Read this please!"...
    This section is not a chat at all, if you want someone to read something use the Private Message System, PMs exists for some reason. Also I want to let you know that I will delete every threads saying that You will pay $ to get helped. You're probably asking why, the reason why I am going to delete those threads is because I want to prevent members to get scammed by those persons, I will also give Infractions to those who starts a thread saying that he will pay to get helped! The section exist to help everyone in every way possible.

    Another thing I want to say, Advertisement Threads are STRICTLY prohibited, if you want to advertise your Server you can do it Here following the rules.(In Show-Off threads make sure to hide the server's name else your images/text will be removed or thread will get closed/deleted.)

    Everyone already saw that we have sub-forums in the section right? They exist to be used, don't use the main section to post your [Help]/[Tutorials]/[Release]/[Development]Threads, use it only to discuss something related with the game.

    [Help] & [Request] Threads goes to the Help Section
    [Tutorial] Threads goes to the Tutorials Section
    [Release] Threads goes to the Release Section
    [Development]Threads goes to the Development Section

    The use of TAGs before the title of your thread would be appreciated. This will help me to keep the section clean and to move the threads easier.

    List of Main Tags to be used:
    • [HELP]
    • [REQUEST]
    • [RELEASE]
    • [TUTORIAL]
    • [Show-Off]

    Requesting Help with Skype/Msn/Yahoo/TeamViewer or W/e is forbidden in Posts! If you want to ask for help through Skype or those programs please do it by PM. If the member who you've Pm'd wants to help you he will, if he doesn't than sorry about that, I cant force anyone to help you.

    Thanks for contributing for the Section and to make my task easier.
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