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iv developed a simple talisman online server setup tool !

Options :
Download and install all tools & talisman server and setup it !
With this tool is very easy to istall ur own server !

Download : Install.sh

How To :

Open Putty or other ssh client and connect to ur server , if u are using vmware just open terminal and run following command:

Step 1: wget http://game9.us/dev/install.sh
Step 2: chmod +x install.sh
Step 3: dos2unix install.sh
Step 4: ./install.sh
Step 5: After installer download mysql server it will ask u to setup mysql password !
add password press ok or hit enter and installer will do the rest !
Step 5 : edit database details !
cd /home/db/
nano db_server_user.ini

Edit ur database detail and save !

Step 6: change other config file ip's !
Step 7: Import Database !
Step 8: run server in screen mode !

For any Questions please feel free to ask!
Tanks :)
Thanks for sharing information. But the link is not working. how to check it?