Global Merchant Rules

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    Global Merchant Rules

    Global Merchant Rules
    ##### WHO CAN SELL, BUY AND TRADE #####

    1. This is for personal trading and selling only. Users with an account already registered in RaGEZONE must NOT create multi user names in any forum here. NO businesses, trader like, businesslike behaviour or services. NO bulk sales of more than two of the SAME items sold separately or together as a 'lot'. NO linking to an external business, eBay/Amazon Marketplace store.
    2. NB: This forums definition of a 'TRADE' is an exchange of items between members, usually without payment of money and of an acceptable value agreed by both parties.

    Please Note: Under 18's are able to use any forum including the For Sale forum. Bear this in mind when trading as we are unable to confirm or take responsibility for the age of any user. We also suggest that you collect as much information and as many details as possible BEFORE starting a trade with anyone.


    Rules will apply to ANY thread listing of personal trade items in other forums here, including requests for pricing.

    1. All trading MUST take place and be completed fully on the RaGEZONE forums. All negotiations must be done within the thread until a sale is agreed by both parties. Contact details must NOT be added to RaGEZONE forum threads. NO eBay, auction, classified or external links to an item listed elsewhere. You must NOT list your items for sale or trade here if they're listed elsewhere, this also applies where you have more than one of the same item being offered and includes 'Request' or 'Wanted' threads.
      * Trading/buying/selling items on behalf of a third party is NOT permitted without our agreement, use the 'report' button to let us know. The items MUST belong to you or your household and be in YOUR possession.
    2. It should go without saying, NO prohibited, classified or illegal items. This includes fake/counterfeit goods, copied media, ANY console cards 'TTDS', 'DSTT' or 'Pandora' batteries etc., cable TV boxes 'NTL' or 'Virgin Media' etc., money swapping' such as bank transfers of £xx paid in to others PayPal account for £xx amount, Google Adwords, group specific discount codes such as 'student card numbers' for example, weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco products or illegal substances, age restricted products (eg. pharmaceuticals), sexually explicit items.
    3. Please Post Images (click for details) including a piece of paper with your user name and date next to the actual items for sale. This helps your sale or trade by showing the condition, establishing validity and also that you have the items in your possession. If you post an eBay image or are unable to post any images, we may pull the listing immediately to request further information.
    4. You MUST specify a legitimate asking price for every item in your listing, this includes items for trade only and is for comparison 'like for like' reasons. Sellers listed price CANNOT be altered once offers have been made. Items already listed must NOT be listed in ANY other active thread. This is NOT an auction site, bidding on items is strictly NOT allowed.
    5. If advertising a ticket sale it should be at face value and NOT an inflated price. (Note: you cannot resell train tickets or football/soccer tickets)
    6. Please update and notify users within your thread in RaGEZONE once the item has been sold, trade completed or if the thread has been left open and dormant, as every thread MUST be expired and closed.. This is YOUR responsibility, as re-listing items must only take place at least seven days from the last activity in the thread. Use the button if you require a moderator's help with this.
    7. If listing a request a price is NOT needed, however sellers responding to the request MUST state a price they're willing to accept. Requests for the same items or items in closed threads from the last seven days, must NOT be made in ANY other active thread. We do NOT permit threads such as “I have £xx.xx in my PayPal account, what can you offer?”. Any such threads will be locked. Buyers and Sellers MUST specifically state what they are selling or looking for, vague descriptions such as 'any action DVD', 'any XBox 360 game' etc. are unacceptable.
    8. You must NOT list items for sale at higher than the recommended retail price. The marker of RRP will be determined by cross indexing with Amazon or other well known retailer. Profiteering is NOT permitted and this includes items previously found at a lower price in the 'Deals' or ANY forum here.

      * Vouchers available as non transferable or with next to no resale value, such as 0.001p for example and generally available free items etc. must NOT be offered for sale or trade.


    1. Offer and acceptance of trade or sale MUST be posted in relevant threads. Private Messages are for personal details only, you must NOT deal by PM or by any other method away from the FS/T or RaGEZONE forum.
    2. Once an offer has been made and accepted the trade should be considered final. Sellers who accept an offer and subsequently accept a higher offer from another member, may be suspended from trading. On the flip side, members who submit or accept an offer and subsequently pull out for any reason, will be suspended from trading for life.
    3. Goods remain the responsibility of the seller until the buyer takes possession and affirms they are okay. For this reason be honest in your descriptions and include original photos so the buyer knows what they are getting! Also, use a form of insured and signed for delivery to ensure any shipping/delivery mishaps will be covered.

    *PayPal Gift Advice:
    If paying by PayPal's 'Gift' option to save on fees, you won't be able to raise a regular dispute with PayPal if a transaction goes wrong. For protection make a normal payment and pay the fees...

    ##### FEEDBACK #####

    Please make sure you leave clear and honest trading feedback for any trade you have completed within the feedback forum. This helps good traders build a healthy reputation and warns others about the bad ones.

    Note: RaGEZONE user feedback should only be left after a trade is completely entered into, such as items paid for, exchange of items commenced etc. Please do not use it as a retaliatory tool at any time for any site issue, as that will at least result in an infraction, suspension or your exclusion from trading altogether.


    1. Check the traders feedback. Please read details posted here:
    2. Outside of this you can use the poster's eBay feedback to establish some kind of trust level. If you do so make sure you contact the user through eBay to make sure the account they state as theirs is indeed theirs.
    3. Use PayPal. We would recommend only buying from Verified PayPal Members. You can see this status on the second PayPal screen when you go to make a payment, you do not have to complete the payment to view this. PayPal is far from perfect but at least it gives you the chance of recourse if things go pear shaped.
    4. Receive and validate the following information:

    1. Landline telephone number Make a CALL to check out the area code and number are correct too!
    2. Name and address including postcode
    3. Valid e-mail address.
    4. Make a small payment to and from each other to validate the PayPal e-mail address.

    *PayPal Advice:
    If paying by PayPal's 'Gift' option to save on fees, you won't be able to raise a regular dispute with PayPal if a transaction goes wrong. For protection make a normal payment and pay the fees... If possible, collect and pay for items in person.

    Do NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It's in your best interest to check out these details yourself. This forum is equivalent to a newspaper's classified section, RaGEZONE is not responsible for and does not vouch for any listings or sales/trades in this forum! Use your head, follow the guidelines, evaluate the risk and make your own decision.

    ##### UNRESOLVED TRADES #####

    Traders with unresolved trades may be suspended or banned from using the RaGEZONE forum

    Please use this in conjunction with RaGEZONE rules, guidelines and specifically the feedback forum.


    The following is a rough guide, but it is within the moderators’ discretion to make decisions based on individual circumstances. Some offences may result in an immediate suspension, including but not limited to the following:

    1. Trading by PM or 'Private Message' only
    2. Offering or requesting pirated/copyright material
    3. Posting links to the same item being sold elsewhere (e.g. on eBay)
    4. Ignoring moderators requests for information
    5. Persistent bumping after warning from a moderator
    6. Repeatedly posting or creating new threads for the same items
    7. Relisting before seven days have passed from the date a thread for the same items is closed
    8. Trades not fully entered into after acceptance in thread

    ##### Gold Farmers ######

    Due to the large amount of gold farmers within the MMORPG world we cannot allow any sales without contacting MentaL first via email. (

    ##### Server files ######

    We do not permit the sale of ANY server files here at ragezone, we are a public access forum and release such files for free and only free.

    -- Thanks
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