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    happy Looking for muonline developer

    Hello, how are you?
    I am looking for a programmer to make modifications and / or aggregations in a season 6 project.
    As much as possible Titans Tech base files, but it is also accepted that it is muemu, although I prefer it to be TT.

    Well now I'll list the modifications / aggregations I want:

    Hp and SD bar in the pj. (anyone, that shows the bar of hp and sd of the pj is fine)

    HP bar in the mobs (anyone, with that shows the life bar of the mobs is fine)

    System of Titles (anyone, while I can edit the design of each one, all good)

    TVT event (team Blue vs. Team Red, or whatever they can do)
    That a team does not have to press CONTROL to hit the other team, I think this source can serve:
    //Save old PK level and set murderer to avoid CTRL requirement
    gObj[n].TvT_old_PK_Level = gObj[n].m_PK_Level;
    gObj[n].m_PK_Level = 6;
    GCPkLevelSend(gObj[n].m_Index, 6);
    - That the winners be stored in the database to be used as a ranking.
    It could be in the character table itself, add the tvt field, example:
    Name | TVTWINS
    Char1 | 1
    Char2 | 5
    Char3 | 3

    PVP event (the one that you can make magicians fight only for example, or only bks, or admit all races).
    - Keep the kills that each pj does in the event. It could be tmb like that of the tvt.
    Name | PVPKILLS
    Char1 | 1
    Char2 | 5
    Char3 | 3

    6- Combo in all characters
    source: source: http://forum.ragezone.com/f197/class-combo-1147414/

    7- Possibility of adding items, at least a few sets (I do this, I only want the main support)

    8- autoreconnect

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    Re: Looking for muonline developer

    Still need this? PM me.

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    Re: Looking for muonline developer

    Interested in MU for Web Browser? :)
    Check out my work at AspireMU

    Just PM if you are interested.