Looking for a web designer / dev

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    Looking for a web designer / dev

    Hello everyone,

    Me and my team are currently working on the development of a Rose Online server but we are lacking a web-designer / dev.

    Rose online is a Korean mmorpg that was first released in 2005 and is still alive and well today. Official servers include
    http://www.roseonlinegame.com/ andwww.roseon.jp/
    The website and its functionality :
    We’re looking for a practical interface, a simple yet stylistic website where our users can perform basic tasks such as registering and checking the server status ( we are not looking for advanced features such as item malls since our server code isn’t quite there yet )
    Webspace Layout :
    Homepage with menus
    Menus: Home - Register - Download - Community ( drop down menu to forum / twitter and discord ) - about us - donate.

    The homepage
    should have a news module or at the very least a way to display our latest updates, it should also have a simple status checker ( the script just has to check if xxx port is open for an IP ).
    The register page is quite simple, it should just be a mysqli script that register 3 values in a table ( password has to be encrypted to md5 )
    The rest of the pagesshould have a general design according to their function but are filled with lorem ipsum as we’ll add content later.

    : We don’t have one yet, but the rose logo looks like that :
    You may use it as a placeholder in the design, considering ours will be in the same color / font chart ( we’ll throw an extra 30 bucks if you are willing to make a logo too )

    Inspiration websites
    ( we think that those models are fitting our inspirations )

    Titan rose ( we like the simple approach )

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ekW97qHXBVDNaj_MD-3PTcbf5MyAnPqD/view?usp=sharing ( here is a pdf visual )
    https://github.com/shid0x/Titan-Rose-Redesign-CMS ( and this is where its from )
    Alega rose
    http://alegarose.com/ ( albeit their website seems to have some trouble theses days )
    Arua rose
    https://www.aruarose.com/ ( although i’m really not a fan of this big “boost up to lvl 120” big image )
    Irose ph :
    (tho i’m not a fan of news and headlines being presented by such big images, something with more text would be better )

    some asset websites :

    Price : 150-220 euros negotiable if you’re willing to do a logo
    Paypal or SEPA
    If interested you can respond to this thread, PM me or add me on discord Shid#1071
    PS : we already have a registration and server status scripts but they are quite shitty so you’re welcome to do something better.

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    Re: Looking for a web designer / dev

    Added you on Discord. Coco#1837