How to create a sale thread. (requirements).

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    How to create a sale thread. (requirements).

    In accordance to the rules that you accepted when viewing this forum, here is a generalized layout to use when creating a sale thread.

    Title: (choose correct prefix) | (insert item for sale here).

    Item quantity:
    Location: (Home location or a game based location)
    About the item:
    (attach picture relating to item below).
    Example (MMORPG ITEM SALE)

    Title: MMORPG Item | Legend of Mir 2 - Dragon Slayer Sword (PHOENIX)

    Item quantity: 1
    New/Used: used
    Price:  $100
    Location:  Official EU server (Phoenix)
    Payment:  Paypal prefered, can accept bank transfer.
    About the item:
    I have for sale a very very rare sword here... stats bla bla bla.. 
    (then my picture of my char stating with the sword is located here)
    Example (Console Game)

    Title: Console Game | UFC Undisputed 2010 (XBOX 360)

    Item quantity: 1
    New/Used: used
    Price:  Ā£20
    Location:  Wales
    Payment:  Paypal only.
    About the item:
    Selling my ufc undisputed game for the xbox 360 , it has no scratches and im selling because the game got boring really quickly. Shipping is included within the price.
    (picture of my forum username and the ufc 2010 game , proving this thread is genuine and that I do have a legitimate version of the game for sale).
    Easy as that.
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