LiveGuard AntiCheat® - Any game supported, make your game fun again!

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    LiveGuard AntiCheat® - Any game supported, make your game fun again!
    Dear Ragezone Members,

    Since the inception of LiveGuard AntiCheat® a lot has happened; ups and downs, good and bad. It's been quite a few challenging years however I am still there running the company and I am not planning on going anywhere.

    A lot of you know me well for years; many of you had a good relationship with me and many did not, but this is just how life goes. You cannot make everyone happy, even though I tried my best with some people. It's just life.

    Most of you were under the impression that I left the project dead, but that was never the case. I have been privately working with a good number of servers all this time.

    During this time I have also made significant relationships with companies, game owners and also ensured nobody can steal my work by making the LiveGuard logo and LiveGuard AntiCheat® a registered trademark (hence the ®).

    The Recognition

    I would like to thank you all that have been with me for years and the hundreds of servers and players that helped my company understand the cheating industry. Due to your contribution by using my company's software I am able to offer today a better product compared to the previous years.

    I would also like to apologise to all of you that have placed orders and they were not delivered. There is no point right now to detail on "how" and "why", and I would like to make it up to you. With that being said, please do contact me regarding your order and we can work something out. (free setup, free usage period, etc)

    Last but not least, thank you for using my company's software.

    The Market

    This could be a very long discussion, but time is precious so I will not waste it for you. In a few words I will try to describe what's going on currently.


    • Normal players will try to cheat in game by downloading ready to use software from different forums; a day to day user has no idea how to create their own cheat, so they will either try to use something ready to download or they will buy one.
    • Advanced players will develop their own cheat, and become completely invisible from any kind of detection; or they will just buy one from old and reputable cheat providers. There are very skilled developers out there that create cheating software for a decade now; and they are so advanced that nobody can stop them (almost).

    Anticheat Developers:

    • There are 2-3 worldwide recognised anti cheat software that big games use but even those have so many problems that it's absolutely crazy. No point going into detail on them, just Google it.
    • Meanwhile smaller and unknown to the world anti cheat software (like the ones present on this forum) will try and copy or steal other's software all the time. I am not exaggerating when I say this, I have seen all of them on this forum and their "level" of copying my software is crazy.
    • Some even used the names of files I use, some even stolen my kernel drivers and tried to sell them on Skype, and the list goes on and on.

    Cheating Level:

    • This part has gone absolutely crazy the past ~2 years. If you search on Google you will find exploits that go beyond your imagination, from exploiting Windows vulnerabilities to exploiting antivirus kernel drivers like Kaspersky just to write into the game process undetected.
    • It has become increasingly hard to stop cheating and almost impossible. It is sad, but this is all due to how Windows is designed and due to other software's mistakes.

    The Expectations

    Most of you game server owners expect to find the "perfect" software out that there that will "block" anything. Let me clear the air for you: it's not possible. Not right now anyway.

    You will also expect that the software is not only "perfect", but also almost free or very cheap. Let me once again clear the air for you: it's not possible. Why ? Because creating a good software needs a lot of time and a lot of money.

    Key points to understand:

    • If the software is very cheap, it's not good by design; it means it does not follow any standards and it's just copy-paste source code. A very cheap software cannot meet the requirements.
    • If the software is very expensive, it's again not good by design; it may follow some standards but the pricing is exaggerated and only shows you are money hungry. The result being that not everyone can afford it.
    • If someone promises you that it will "block" everything, it's a lie and that person doesn't know what he's talking about. Avoid this kind of person to save time and money.

    The Requirements

    So what does your game need in terms on anti cheat ? It's quite simple yet so complicated. Your game server needs to have the following important points in terms of protection:

    • Protect the server side from users without anti cheat loaded
    • Do not have any requirements, errors or bugs not allowing legitimate users to enter the game
    • Do not ban legitimate users due to false positives
    • Do not affect the game by causing unnecessary lag or high CPU usage
    • Make cheating as hard as possible so you only have a very low number of cheaters
    • Have the ability to recognise cheaters that are "bypassing" the protection
    • Issue bans that are not easy to spoof
    • Receive professional support when you need it

    LiveGuard AntiCheat® meets all these requirements and so much more.

    The Solution

    LiveGuard AntiCheat® has tried to block all known cheating software and methods, however I myself was out of my league because I did not understand fully the market. It took me a few years to learn and analyse and learn. I've made mistakes and I fixed them, then I made mistakes again and I did not repeat them.

    One of the weakest points of my software was the limitation to 1 game only and that was holding the company back. I am pleased to say that LiveGuard AntiCheat® now supports any game out there.

    Today I can confidently say that I do understand the market, and I am up to date with everything that is happening in the "cheating" industry. With that being said, I put in quite some effort to develop a good and stable anti cheat software.

    Please note that I am in no way saying that my company's software is perfect or that it will "block"/"stop" any kind of cheating. It will however offer you a good protection by making cheating as hard as possible without damaging your game server.

    The Result

    A good anti cheat software that blocks almost all method of game cheating, yet is working for all users without causing problems. Compatible with any game will ensure that you can benefit of this product and not miss out on protecting your players.

    I will not go crazy on details because I have learned my lesson (people will try to copy me, always have). With that being said I will just make a short list of things that LiveGuard AntiCheat® does:


    • Compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2019
    • New and unique user interface
    • Full protection (players cannot enter the game without anticheat)
    • Friendly user interface (view connected players, bans, reload settings, everything is easy)
    • Copy/Paste client files integrity protection (call it as you like... "checksum")
    • Advanced & friendly logging to both file and database (very useful with the panel we provide)
    • Automatic lockout on detected threats + permanent blacklist
    • Much more...

    • Compatible with Windows VISTA to 10 (latest)
    • New and unique user interface
    • Early prevention & detection of all known process injection methods
    • Early prevention & detection of known and unknown cheating software (includes kernel drivers, macros)
    • Antivirus friendly (we are working as partners with the biggest companies out there)
    • NON-INTRUSIVE (we will never use any personal data like screenshots, processes, etc)
    • NO false positives (very low, 1-2 software like Dashlane)
    • NO LAG (making the gameplay pleasant as it should be)
    • NO BSOD (getting a bluescreen whilst play is... sad)
    • NO dependencies (no .net, no c++ redis, nothing is required to run)
    • NO game alteration/hooking needed
    • Much more...


    A unique panel designed for your team to view the logs. Search through all the detections, accounts, everything with ease.


    Please note once again that LiveGuard AntiCheat® will not "block" or "stop" everything, it's impossible at this point due to how Windows is designed. However, it will make cheating as hard as possible and I am working on inventing something to prevent/detect unknown kernel level cheating.

    With that being said, do head over to the website designed to LiveGuard AntiCheat®:

    If you have questions please check in the FAQ section if they are already answered, otherwise head over to the chat on the website or use the contact form.

    Too much talking! Show me something!

    Please find below a very short video. Courtesy of for allowing us to record this:

    Additional Important Notes:

    • Please do not send me private messages regarding questions, or write questions on this thread because I do not have time to answer them. Use the chat on the website or contact form and you will get a reply.
    • No trials are offered, if you want to test our software then please download a game that is already using it.
    • No discounts are offered, so please do not waste your time and our time by asking such.
    • Source code is not for sale and never will be, so please do not waste your time and our time by asking such.
    • Updates will never be posted here, they will be posted on our website only.
    • Do not use my company's logo or text anywhere without explicit permission granted, otherwise you will be sued to the moon and back.
    • Do not attempt to steal any features or design, otherwise you will be sued to the moon and back.
    • Last but not least, if you have something to say to me (for example you got "beef" with me) then please write me personally via PM. Do not flame and spam this thread.

    Until next time.
    Be kind to animals, or else.

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    Re: LiveGuard AntiCheat® - Any game supported, make your game fun again!

    BIG UP for LiveGuard .

    I was using LiveGuard in the past for MuOnline I think 2-3 years something like that , I never had problems with hackers or to hear someone to break LiveGuard and I had 700 online. I recommend this guy 100% if you want a safety server .

    Cheers for Mecanik and good luck .
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    Re: LiveGuard AntiCheat® - Any game supported, make your game fun again!

    I send Ticket but no one is answering my inquiry.

    theres anyway to contact, its either Skype or Facebook?