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    config PWAdmin 5

    Tool name: PWAdmin — server monitoring and management system for Perfect World
    Please note! This program is not IWeb modification (as PWAdmin by Rony) but absolutly new standalone software.

    Main Features:
    • Monitoring workload of the server machine
    • Online monitoring
    • Monitoring GM
    • View / Edit Characters
    • Change login, password, name, e-mail account
    • Viewing / editing factions
    • Start / stop / autostart instances and other processes
    • Restarting server processes
    • Cleaning the cache
    • Add / Remove GM's Rights
    • Adding cubigold
    • Send messages to chat
    • Sending items to in-game mail to players
    • Mass ban / unban accounts
    • Search for accounts and characters
    • View players mail
    • View last chat and trade logs
    • Editing and exporting startup characters
    • Creating a backup database / server
    • Add / Remove players from faction
    • Reading information about items from their octets
    • View the list of players online, as well as count the number of unique IP
    • Control TW through the debug command
    • View information about territories
    • Management server parameters (rates, drop and other)
    • Sending a gold / item to selected / all online players, selected / all faction players, to all online players with unique IP
    • View / edit the player's user storehouse
    • Player renaming (in the list of account roles)
    • Saving and copying character sections
    • Change the level of the character with the recount of the stats
    • The editor of various role octets
    • And many other useful functions

    Screenshots:Click image for larger version. 

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    Requirements for client side: Windows Vista or higher
    Requirements for server side: Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS or similar OS

    Price: 200$ for non-timed license or 25$ / month for timed license
    Payment: PayPal, Visa/MasterCard WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Bank transfer and others
    Skype: live:mastergtx_1

    More info and autopayment: Soft and scripts for game developers

    Free demo version with limited functionality: Soft and scripts for game developers

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    Re: PWAdmin 5

    Do this work with swordsman?

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    Re: PWAdmin 5

    Do this work for Ether Saga Oddysey? is alike PW/JD/FW, or you able to make it for Ether Saga Oddysey? i would pay for it!!

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    Re: PWAdmin 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Odioso OS View Post
    Do this work for Ether Saga Oddysey? is alike PW/JD/FW, or you able to make it for Ether Saga Oddysey? i would pay for it!!
    there have source you can use it with ESO tool

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    Re: PWAdmin 5

    For now full-featured work of this tool is supported only for the PW sever. And for all other servers will work process control

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    Re: PWAdmin 5

    Version 5.1

    • added ability to edit octets: medicine (13 list), damage rune (18 list), armor rune (20 list), fly sword (23 list), wingman wing (24 list), tossmatter (30 list), projectile (32 list), stone (36 list), fashion (84 list)
    • added ability to change size of the list of running instances and logs
    • added the ability to resize main window
    • changed interface of the main window
    • not server processes are highlighted in a different color (which do not have a ServerProcess=1 parameter in processes_config.ini)
    • added information about hard disks
    • added new line parsers in the log reader
    • added a config for quick insertion of the character's coordinates (new file in client side TeleportPoints.ini)
    • added skills for the reaper and ghost
    • added function of calculating the value of sharpening bonus in octet editor (when the sharpening level in Param 2 changes)
    • ability to select a server for the connection at startup
    • data exchange with the Rody's Elements Editor
    • warning about the absence of an octet on items where it should be
    • saving account search history
    • gold crushing issuance of 1kk
    • various fixes and improvements

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    Re: PWAdmin 5

    Version 5.2
    • added editor for server side configs
    • parameters TestServer, disable_mysql from config pwadmin.conf moved to Options section
    • display game coordinates in the character editor
    • added ability to automatically ban a role before editing
    • checking the player's online status before saving from the edit mode
    • extended report for mass mailing of game mail
    • mass sending of game mail on the lists of id's or nicknames
    • display gsid in the list of players online
    • added ability to enter a page number in the list of accounts by clicking on the button with information about the current page
    • the function of removing bank passwords from all account characters now works with the multicasting of accounts
    • added 2 custom fields to search in the database of accounts and also the ability to disable unnecessary additional fields from the display (new parameters in pwadmin.conf file lkfield2, lkfield3, lkfield_visible, lkfield1_visible, lkfield2_visible, lkfield3_visible)
    • changes in the interface with the addition of new features (changing VIP points, etc.)
    • display of the balance and the possibility of issuing a gold event (dividend)
    • added ExtraProp octet editor (from section Status)
    • added new skill icons (thank's to Rody)
    • sorting in the list of disks by fullness and displaying full information when hovering
    • warning before issuing large values of gold (new parameter in client side config AskGoldLimit in section Options, added manually if necessary)
    • change the authorization method to the server part (now instead of the password in pwadmin.conf you need to enter a hash that can be generated in the part client or the config editor or leave it blank to accept any first connected password)
    • global sorting in the list of accounts (by clicking on the header of the desired column)
    • added octet generator function via gs (thank's to int3) (new parameters in pwadmin.conf file gs_path и AllowItemGenerator)
    • added ability to edit octets: pet egg (96 list), Auto HP/MP (115,116 lists), Elf (120 list), GeneralCard (185 list), Astrolabe (198 list)
    • added log sharing when running processes from different threads (std and err)
    • sorting in autoup instances lists by click on the desired column
    • fixed error of filtering chat channels and added an icon for dynasty chat
    • the function of the account search history has been improved
    • the possibility of issuing silver instead of gold (new parameter in pwadmin.conf file GoldAsSilver)
    • added Portuguese localization
    • fixed a search by nickname on databases with missing UserID entry in the base section
    • additional support plug-ins from int3 (for editing additional parameters)
    • added ability to remove autolock on selected accounts
    • various minor fixes and improvements
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