GTA V on Steam for Habbo!

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    cool GTA V on Steam for Habbo!

    Hello everyone! :)

    As most of you have already gotten by the name, But I'll explain to you guys on how we're going to deal with this..

    So earlier last week I got gifted by my uncle the GTA V on steam as a gift card and I haven't used it yet, and I can't anyway because I broke my gaming computer and it would take hell lot of money to fix it as my parents have refused to do it for me I cannot play that, But I can play habbo on my laptop so, I decided to trade in this for it...

    So all you have to do is give me GB's/Lots of furni on habbo and I'll send you steam giftcard code over.

    We can have a fair share of deal by including third person or whatever, Price is negotiable as I need to get rid of this card before it becomes value less..

    Thanks, I hope I get someone to buy it for me.

    Price is negotiable. :)

    Shoot me a PM!