Buying game account from Mucski

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    Forum username:Mucski
    Original thread: Blade & Soul with lot's of goodies (see inside)

    Are you happy with the transaction:
    Fucking yes i am.
    Did you get your item: Of course didn't expect anything els.
    How long did it take for it to arive: I literally got it instantly like i dont even know.

    Additional notes: Mucski once again supricing me with the most smoothest transaction of all time, Before we even started he carefully explained what can go wrong if i do certain things and on top of that he gave me the account info before i could have send him the money. Trust with Mucski is definitely not a issue actually nothing is.

    There was a problem though, As i pay usually with Goods and service he didn't receive the money till a few days pass duo to some personal circumstances on his side. He still didn't take it as a huge problem ofcourse it was a let down but everything still went smooth. Honestly . i don't know how happy i am with this purchase it's a really good account like what the hell.

    I have bought in the past already from him and i can once again say, What a excellent guy and i'm definitely buying from him in the future again.

    Fantastic Seller.

    I really recommend buying from this guy if you are interested in his goods.