[SCAMMER] He claims to be JANGAN - Skype *********

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    And is more Brazilian than lambada

    Use multiples account on Ragezone like: http://forum.ragezone.com/members/2000234692.html


    Conversation skype

    [09:01:19] *** Hi Victim, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
    [09:02:06] Victim: ola
    [09:02:25] Service: Hi im jangan my customer say you need a tool like igcn
    [09:02:25] Service: ?
    [09:03:10] Victim: Hi yes i need tool to search dupe items and regenerate serial
    [09:03:27] Service: You mean IGCN sell tool?
    [09:03:30] Service: Or premium tools
    [09:04:14] Victim: Buying SQL SCRIPT or Software to REGENERATE SERIAL ITEMS
    [09:04:45] Service: Oh ok
    [09:05:00] Service: I have it the things that you need but its a life time ofcourse that was include source
    [09:07:01] Service: So what now?
    [09:07:08] Service: Do you still need it?
    [09:08:39] Service: Hello?
    [09:08:40] Service: Lmao
    [09:08:45] Service: I think you are busy bro
    [09:09:21] Victim: hi iam back
    [09:09:48] Service: So how much you can offer this files
    [09:09:52] Service: Even i can provide source
    [09:10:46] Victim: I can not put price something I do not know how long it takes, that's what you decide. Do you have any job reference?
    [09:11:16] Service: Like i said i have source that means i have already the files that you need
    [09:11:26] Service: http://forum.ragezone.com/members/383739.html
    [09:11:31] Service: I dont know why you dont know me
    [09:13:13] Victim: Look, Jangan, I know him. I've been in RZ since 2005.
    [09:13:25] Service: Dude im jangan
    [09:14:02] Service: Well i can give price like 110$
    [09:14:11] Service: Its a lifetime
    [09:14:29] Victim: I'm not a fool, try to steal another person. Sent a message to jangan denouncing the profile fake of rz. Bye bye
    [09:14:54] Victim: go to dancing lambada :D
    [09:15:12] Victim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAAVE1GHWlM
    [09:16:19] Victim: (drink) Caipiroska
    [09:16:28] Service: What is your RZ
    [09:16:32] Service: Did you know me really?
    [09:16:35] Service: What is your RZ name
    [09:16:46] Victim: i sent the post
    [09:16:54] Victim: if you are jangan send pm
    [09:16:58] Victim: hahah