Scammer - Gepard Protect

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    Scammer - Gepard Protect

    Hi All,

    Four Weeks ago I posted for someone to help me set up a game, and this guy messaged me (That time the game was set up, but it was a total fail), and then I decided to up the game a little bit.

    He then introduces me to this group they are called (Gepard Protect) they said that they have all the game. I'm like in (Awe) that's good, so I've asked them to set up a game for me 'MU Origin' for $600, and that's like four weeks ago now the game still sitting in limbo.

    The second week I'm starting to doubt their service so anyways, and they offered another combo pack $500 for another two games I was like well the guy was a moderator so why not so I've asked them to set up Dragonica and Dragonest (which is still in limbo)

    Lastly last week they said they would offer another game Dragomon Hunter for $300 at this stage I know they are scamming me so in total I have sent them $2k+ AUD for four games which are nowhere to be found.

    I am filling a case with the NBI CyberCrime today and it that doesn't help I will see them in person next month all communication are with me with the so called Gepard Protect.

    Paul Anro L Datur
    Ivan - I am not sure if he is CodeDragon

    Thanking you,