[Release] RivalsOfSteel server files

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    config [Release] RivalsOfSteel server files

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    Thats a good day for the leechers.
    Download here.

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    Re: [Release] RivalsOfSteel server files

    rivals of steel?

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    Re: [Release] RivalsOfSteel server files

    Someone is working :)

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    Re: [Release] RivalsOfSteel server files

    Just wondering if this is anything special or just a usual cheap server copied from some earlier release on the forums?
    Any notable efforts put into anything here? Clean dump of binaries without terrific source changes?

    Sorry so to say but this is getting kinda boring...

    On a side note, I cleaned the thread from the personal bitch fighting that isn't surprising on a thread like this... If it keeps up though I'll hand out infractions and nuke the thread if it has to be, so pls.... Get your files secure the next time but don't flame about it on the forums when you get exploited (this happened numerous times before here already). Nor provoke any flame wars.

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    P-Servers are NOT dead. Bugs need squishing. Quests need fixing. Unfortunately, majority of people don't know the difference between a computer and a toaster so...

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    Re: [Release] RivalsOfSteel server files

    someone can offer atum2_db_account ? It don`t work with other atum2_db_account