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    Hey all, I'm pretty old to all this JD Stuff and all, dev wise I am ok. Can help with almost everything. But it has been a long time since I setup a server. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and am having issues with the GACD connection. I keep getting this error, no matter what I do, even with the correct libs etc. I've been fiddling around with the files pretty much all weekend. Here's the error I mean;

    If anyone can even remotely help me with it, I'd appreciate it. Also, these files are all from a test server I setup on Ubuntu 12.04 a few years ago, no issue. Ubuntu 16.04 also had no issues the last time I did this.

    Many thanks to anyone willing to help me, and I hope I can help with something in return if needed.

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    Re: Need some help

    no prob, pm
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