Jade Dynasty Section Rules!(Must read before posting!)

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    shout Jade Dynasty Section Rules!(Must read before posting!)

    Jade Dynasty Section Rules!

    Failure to comply with marked rules will result in an infraction or warning. The corresponding card next to the rule will result in the punishment;

    - Warning
    - Infraction
    - Infraction or Warning

    1. All file release's MUST be credited to the creator.(If you do not know who the creator is then post the website you got it from.)

    2. Files that make the anti-virus pop up will be examined. If found to be a virus your post will be removed.

    3. Spamming/Trolling is not allowed! If you have issue's with someone take it to private messages. No one want's to see it.

    4. Bragging about stuff you have/can do, with no proof or gesture too help out the section will be considered trolling and your post/thread will be deleted!

    5. This is a English section, Further posting in other languages will be a immediate thread/post deletion. If you're unable to speak English, please provide a translated text for us. Or else it will be considered a rule violation.

    6. Old threads older then a month should not be bumped or replied too.(Unless it is a sticky.)

    7. Posting about something other then "Jade Dynasty" is not allowed, There are many sections. Find the correct section and post there.

    8. Advertising is not allowed. This includes telling people too play your server. You will gain an infraction on the spot.

    9. Do not spam the mods to help you set up a server! A guide's up for that reason. You learn by doing, not by letting someone else set it up. If you have issues with your server then a video guide may be made. Moderators are here to moderate and watch over the section, not to give general support or help your server.

    10.Absolutely NO selling, or offering anything for sale.

    11. Do not create threads or posts asking for a team/server to join. Search in Recruitment section if you want to join a team.

    12. Do not use strong language or say vulgar comments towards people; flaming is not permitted.

    13. No Exploits, Cracks, Hacks or Warez.

    14. If you create a Help topic and someone has replied to it, and you haven't responded to the thread for further help within 5 days, your thread will be closed, assuming that you have fixed your problem. You can easily PM a moderator and ask for the thread to be re-opened if you need further help.

    15. Furthermore, help requests and posts must be posted in the Help section, not the Development, Release, or Tutorials sections.

    15. If you choose to delete part of your contributing posts it will be restored after approval. Continuous deletions of the threads contributes will have your thread deleted.

    16. The general RaGEZONE forum rules still applies in this section, read them here:Click Here !

    Please note that this section is for sharing server files and tools. Just because someone does not release something on here does not mean you can not get it. If they choose not to release it DO NOT make a huge deal out of it. They will release it when they see fit.

    One more thing, the search button is your best friend. Use it for all it's worth!

    You will be given 1 warning. After that warning you will gain an Infraction if you continue to break the rules.
    Enjoy the Jade Dynasty section! And play nice

    UPDATED 14.09.13 - Revised. Some small changes. Re-uploaded the cards, so the thread looks appropriate with valid information. - By Detox.
    UPDATED 14.09.13 - Revised. Some minor violation result changes. - By Detox.
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    Re: Jade Dynasty rules!(Must read before posting!)

    The section rules has been updated. Please take the time to read them over again!


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    Re: Jade Dynasty Section Rules!(Must read before posting!)

    Helpful reminders has been added to the rules Announcement!
    Feel free to look at them!
    You can see the announcements Here
    You can also click the announcement at the top of this section or via the sub sections! Updates are listed below the "-----------------------" at the bottom of the page.

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Jade Dynasty Section Rules!(Must read before posting!)

    The rules have been revised. Some small changes have been made, and I've re-uploaded the cards so the rules also contain the violation results. You should now be able to view the warning and infraction card. ( They were broken. )

    Best regards,
    Detox :)

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