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    A question

    How can I edit myself like giving weapons, changing my level? Appreciate the help.
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    Re: A question

    If you want to send yourself items, all you have to do is open debugger and type d_c2scmd 10807 ItemID - example: d_c2scmd 10807 22013 if you want GM Array Ring. You can find IDs in PWDatabase or elements.data if you have custom items.

    How to start a client with debugger option:
    • Create new Text file in element folder, open it
    • Type following code
      start elementclient.exe game:cpw console:1
    • Save it as Debugger.bat, open it. CMD will opup and close automatically, game will start.

    Now all you have to do is figure out which key combination works for you to open debugger ingame. You could try Shift + Tilde, or try Ctrl + Shifit + Tilde
    Tilde Key on Keyboard
    A window like this one should open.

    For leveling, you can modify Taichi Pill Packs to give you insane amounts of Taichi Pills using Element Editor, and just send yourself edited pack.

    If you want to spawn mobs, hold Control and press G, window should popup (if you're a GM, obviously). Look for "Create Creature" option, now, there are 2 Create Creature options, look for SECOND ONE, first one will crash your game. Type in mob ID (same like items, you get them in PWDatabase or elements.data) and that's prettymuch it. I suggest you only spawn maximum 100 mobs at time, you might crash your PC with that.

    You can also pimp your GM Console, look for my post in Releases if you wanna see how to.

    Hope that's what you were looking for.
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