Tips when sharing releases.

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    Tips when sharing releases.

    If you are sharing a release, please try to follow these tips to the best of your ability.

    1: Add a client link to your post.
    2: Have a spoiler of past commands. (This can be a simple dump of your command logs)
    3: Make sure server files are [wget] friendly. ( is not wget friendly, you have to install megatools which in centos does not work really well.)
    4: Add comparative notes to all updates. (Example. Client Release (Nov 15 2015)[1378]= Official Client (June 10 2014)[1378]
    4A: This will allow people who just came across your files, to know exactly what client versions to get in case your client link is dead.
    5: Separate your file releases into [Local] [Live] categories
    5A: [Local] -> This category will hold virtual images, so that we can simply download and plug in.
    5B: [Live] -> This category holds raw source files for a server, that way I can simply we get them from a dedicated server.
    6: Make sure you actually link a zip file of a client, not parts or a link to a website, as websites like xtreme changes.

    Thank you.