Currently in Development: ExtraDrops Editor

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    Currently in Development: ExtraDrops Editor

    Some of the features are:
    • Opens version 1 and version 2 of extra_drops.sev
    • Convert to/from version 1 and version 2
    • Right-click context menus
    • Local item/mob database for faster item/mob identification
    • Easily update local database
    • Display link to item/mob for more information
    • Mass convert an item to another file-wide
    • Split an item into from 2 to 9 items
    • Verify item/drop probability to equal 1.0 (or 100%)
    • All fields correctly identfied
    • Basic logging of actions (default is on, can be switched off)
    • Auto-backup of extra_drops.sev (default is on, can be switched off)

    The current state of this tool is in development and ironing out the bugs. I have not decided
    on whether or not to release it for free as many hours have gone into development. Also,
    in all the years of release tools here, complete with a donate button, no one has donated
    so much as a single penny. That is very disappointing and discourages me from developing
    more tools or updating existing ones. Believe me, it is not an easy task trying to create
    tools on a 8 year old PC, the same PC I developed one of my first releases here in 2012!

    At program launch...

    Version 2 extra_drops.sev opened and showing Table context menu...

    Showing Mob context menu...

    Showing Item context menu...

    Mass item changing...

    Splitting one item into multiple...

    Converting between versions...

    Logging and auto-backup options...
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    Re: Currently in Development: ExtraDrops Editor

    This is a great tool!
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