[Application]Mu Online

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    [Application]Mu Online

    [Application]Mu Online



    Contact Methods:

    E-Mail: mkuck@protonmail.com
    Discord: ac1d#9102

    Availability Times:
    Monday-Friday: 5 hours/day
    Saturday-Sunday: 4 hours/day

    Section(s) Applying For:
    Mu Online (PC and Mobile)

    Reason I Am Applying:
    I know RageZone since 2005, when i started making game servers. I always had RageZone as refference for the best community for MMO development.

    The reason I am applying to become a moderator is because I want to give back to RaGEZONE for all of the years that it has given to me. When I was a young teenager, I spent everyday on this website (and I still do!) posting - asking for help, giving help, and just creating content to make the forum active. This forum helped me through so much, so I feel I owe it! (it feels that i wrote word by word)

    Previous Moderation Experience:
    www.o2e-sports.com-> 2005 to 2008
    www.shotgames.com.br -> 2008 to 2010

    Previous Forum Experience:

    RaGEZONE 'History':
    As you can see my join date says january/2021 but I've known about RZ years before that, I just missed the credentials for my old account. I know it does not really matter, I just figured I'd include the fact that RaGEZONE is not a new forum to me so I know my way around it pretty much.

    My first MuOnline server back in 2005 was made with tutorials and files that I found in RZ. The same happened with Gunbound Server files in 2007 and 2009.

    Why I Should Be Hired:
    I should be hired, I feel, because I am a mature and fairly-intellectual individual. I take pride in my education that I received and the information that I know (not to sound narcissistic at all ) especially when it comes to everyday confrontations with users online. I've been a member of online forums ever since I was a young child, and I'm 27 now, so I've been in the forum scene pretty much my whole life - both as a regular user as-well as a staff member.

    When I am doing my moderation job, I do not treat users unjustly, or more poorly than I do other users. Every user gets the same merit of respect as-well as jurisdiction when it comes down to laying down the rules when need be. Just because I've known Person A for 10 years does not mean I'm not going to punish them if they break a rule. No-one is exempt.

    What Makes Me Different:
    I like helping people solving difficult problems that seems pretty easy to me. That is the way. We grow in this world with the knowledge we share.

    Having the problems solved makes people happy, and makes me too.

    In Conclusion:
    I've been member of online forums since i was a teenager (child, we can say). I love being part of a community and helping members.

    I do work with IT, Windows Server, pentesting, etc, so most questions are pretty soft. Also i have good organization and have a kind communication
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    Re: [Application]Mu Online

    You should definitely state your previous account name, since a < 1 month old account can hardly be judged or act as evidence in your defense. Otherwise you're application will definitely be ignored.
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    Re: [Application]Mu Online

    I don't see you being approved with only 35 posts but then again I could be wrong.

    Best of luck regardless.