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How to make a decent application.

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    How to make a decent application.

    How to make a decent application.
    Hello fellow RaGEZONE members!

    Today I am going to make a thread demonstrating how to make a decent application when applying for a moderator position. First, I'd like to say, if you plan on just copying the format of my example application, or the idea of my example application - just forget about it! If you can't/aren't willing to put some time and effort into your application, that just demonstrates how non-dedicated you are!

    Anyways, let's get on with the show, shall we?

    .-" - The Basics of Becoming a Moderator- "-.

    When applying for a moderator position, and filling out your application, you want to demonstrate your ability to follow as-well as uphold the rules - while maintaining a professional and fair attitude towards everybody that you may come to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

    This means, not being bias towards your friends or people you have any sort of 'special' relationship with. You must treat all users equal and fair. No exceptions with users you may have known longer than others or are on better terms with.

    This also means, keeping a professional demeanor when, say, personally attacked by another forum member or user. If somebody goes out of their way to insult you, or attack you and diminish your character at all, you must handle it like a mature adult and uphold the rules.

    .-" - The Basics of Creating a Moderator Application - "-.

    When creating a moderator application, you want to be as detailed as you can - including vital information such as contact methods and availability times - but at the same time, you do not want non-vital information that is not essential the decision making process of your application and hiring you onto the team. (Making your application aesthetically pleasing doesn't hurt too!)

    This means filling out your location, (or your general location, if you aren't completely comfortable sharing it publicly) your name, your contact information, why you feel you should be hired, proof of why you should be hired, people who may vouch for you, proof of your contributions, what kind of personality you have, how you react to certain specific situations and predicaments, etc.

    This means not filling out, your favorite foods, or your favorite drinks, or your favorite game you like to play on the weekends. Sure, some of this non-essential information may be interesting to know, but take a look at that word - essential - it is not essential information to help decide towards a decision on your application and whether or not you should be hired onto the moderator team.

    .-" - Moderator Application Example - "-.

    John Doe


    The United States

    Contact Methods:
    Skype: exampleSkypename

    Availability Times:
    Monday-Friday: 2:30 PM - 12:30 AM
    Saturday-Sunday: All Day

    Section(s) Applying For:
    The Outerworld (Evolution)
    Debate Section (Evolution)

    Reason I Am Applying:
    The reason I am applying for these sections is because I want to help keep RaGEZONE clean of unnecessary content. I want RaGEZONE to be the absolute best that it can be, by having only the most valuable content posted that is possible.

    The reason I am applying to become a moderator is because I want to give back to RaGEZONE for all of the years that it has given to me. When I was a young teenager, I spent everyday on this website (and I still do!) posting - asking for help, giving help, and just creating content to make the forum active. This forum helped me through so much, so I feel I owe it!

    Previous Moderation Experience: - Previous forum moderator - Previous game moderator

    Previous Forum Experience:
    Over the years I've joined countless forums so I have plenty of knowledge of, most forums and how they operate, as they all are not too terribly different from each other. I know the basics, to say the least, so I can navigate my way around a forum with ease most of the time.

    RaGEZONE 'History':
    As you can see my join date says #### but I've known about RZ years before that, I just never registered an account. I know it does not really matter, I just figured I'd include the fact that RaGEZONE is not a new forum to me so I know my way around it pretty much.

    Why I Should Be Hired:
    I should be hired, I feel, because I am a mature and fairly-intellectual individual. I take pride in my education that I received and the information that I know (not to sound narcissistic at all ) especially when it comes to everyday confrontations with users online. I've been a member of online forums ever since I was a young child, and I'm 21 now, so I've been in the forum scene pretty much my whole life - both as a regular user as-well as a staff member.

    When I am doing my moderation job, I do not treat users unjustly, or more poorly than I do other users. Every user gets the same merit of respect as-well as jurisdiction when it comes down to laying down the rules when need be. Just because I've known Person A for 10 years does not mean I'm not going to punish them if they break a rule. No-one is exempt.

    What Makes Me Different:
    What makes me different, I feel, is that I actually enjoy positions of responsibility. It makes me feel as if I have a purpose and duty to uphold. What makes me different is that I take my job seriously, it is not 'just an online forum' it is a job to me and I take it seriously. I care about this forum and the users inside of it so I want to see it flourish - ergo I will do my best to make sure that this happens and I feel that by me obtaining a moderator position, I can help.

    In Conclusion:
    I hope you enjoyed reading my application. I tried to keep it simple yet as detailed as possible so you could know everything you need to know about me to make a decision.

    Thank you and have a great forum experience!