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    Merchebt zone

    Moderator Application -
    Merchant Zone
    Personal Information: Name - Gustush Vxton
    Location - Washington State
    USA Avalibility - 3-4 Hours a Day (On and Off)
    Language - English About Me:
    I am Gustush, I enjoy browsing forums, playing video games, coding websites, and developing websites, and mods for Minecraft and GMod. Hobbies: 1. Video Games 2. Coding 3. Exploration (IRL) 4. Computers (e.g upgrading, and custom building.)
    Jobs: I work almost 8 hours a day, at a local business. I sometimes also work for my dad, at his company.
    why Merchant Zone? I saw a thread the other day, saying how the Merchant Zone is not "Taken Care Of". And I have to agree, the merchant zone is a bit of a mess, and needs an official moderator. Everyday, I look at that section and browse through the threads, I see flaming, members breaking the rules...and no one doing anything about them. The moderation before the threads get posted is quite slow, sometimes takes over 24 hours, along with the fact that there are sometimes spam threads getting through the moderator process. There are currently no moderators in that section, not including the two Supervisors. Why Me? I have been on this forum for around 1.5 - 2 years now, mainly in the Market section and the MapleStory section. I have reported multiple posts about members breaking rules, being disrespectful, spamming, flaming, etc. A lot of the reports don't get dealt with, which is a bad thing, and makes the section look horrible. I can be very active on the section, along with getting to 99-100 percent of the reported posts, dealing with each and every single one of them properly, I know how moderating works in that section, and know how to deal with each situation. I can make sure all topics stay on topic. I will not only respond to reported posts, I will always be looking at new topics to see if anything is wrong. What Have I Contributed? There really isn't anything to contribute, besides maybe support on sales, and middle manning. I have gave multiple people on their threads help, I have told them the correct prices they should sell their item at, and much more. There really isn't much contributing you can do in that section. What Can I Contribute? I am contribute my help and support on all trades, sales, and buys at multiple different times in the day. I can also make sure all reported posts get dealt with properly, and make sure topics stay on topic. Thank you for reading,

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    Re: Merchebt zone

    Probably one of the best-written applications I've read in a while! You really seem like the top candidate for the role! I hope the staff will choose you for the role, +`1!

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    Re: Merchebt zone

    Poorly formatted, couldn't even spell the section name correctly? lol....

    I may not respond to pm's due to a lack of time.

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    Re: Merchebt zone

    I'm wondering about this small bit of information that was provided?

    I have been on this forum for around 1.5 - 2 years now
    It's defiantly a -1.
    The pressure of human nature does not equal the presence of human persistence.

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    Re: Merchebt zone

    The world's gone mad.

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    Re: Merchebt zone

    If this is your main account, then i might suggest to being more active in the discussions, since your post count 1 at the moment. Basicly the whole forum doesnt know much about you, maybe retry in a few months?

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    Re: Merchebt zone

    Please reapply when you are more active on the forums.

    For now it is a no