[Moderator Application] DragonNest Section

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    [Moderator Application] DragonNest Section

    About me:

    Name: Kenneth
    Age: 27
    Location: Philippines
    Member Since: 2008
    Email: soulcrash08@gmail.com
    Facebook: soulcrash08@gmail.com

    Applying for DragonNest Section

    Reason for applying:

    I just want to organize that section. I've been in the DragonNest section since 2014. Before I get to become interested in DragonNest files, I also play the DragonNest Sea for a year. Having fun to enjoy the game, I started to study the files like the other who become successful running their server, which I'm one of them, make it more playable, sharing some of the fixes, also newer version of the files which you will see some of my released files, helping others who just started studying the files.

    More reason is the section of the DragonNest is dying or already dead, while me trying to revive it by sharing and releasing some ideas and files which will be useful for the others. In short, I really like the game, although it's already broken you can check the web like almost triple digit number of pserver running with the same features and rates.

    I'll end this application with the simple reason of making the section more useful by organizing which or where to start so it will be less confusing to the other who wants to try it.


    Here are some of the thread I started in DragonNest Section:

    DragonNest 271 & 273 Released

    DragonNest 5 Class Released

    DragonNest ver. 369 Released

    DragonNest Dual Class Tutorial

    Other Games"


    Ion Rohan Released

    Web game:

    Cerebrum Heavenly Palace Released

    Unparalleled Sword 2 Released
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    Re: [Moderator Application] DragonNest Section

    As there's been silence around your app for a week now:

    I don't think the section is even remotely in need of another moderator.

    There was a slight boom in one or two release threads during the past month where members helped each other quite nicely to get their servers running. It looks very quiet now again though. There is approximately one help thread a week which mostly remains unanswered. If we're looking at the Help Section and at the amount of threads that were actually solved... we better look at smth else.

    The moderating time required to mod the section is below 10 minutes a week.

    About your application though:

    What kind of organization is needed in the section in your opinion? I'm always open for new ideas. Sadly I haven't had the time to look into deving this game myself yet, but played it in the past, just like you. Otherwise I'd be a lot more present in the Help Section.

    As said many times before: To release stuff and push activity you don't need that green name.
    I see you're a valuable member of the section and recently released some DN versions. You should also consider helping a few newbies in the Help section which will push your reputation in return. Your name will definitely be more recognized than mine in the section which is a plus.

    These are just my XX cents as current mod of the section though. In the end it's up to the supers, as always.

    Quote Originally Posted by A Wise Man
    P-Servers are NOT dead. Bugs need squishing. Quests need fixing. Unfortunately, majority of people don't know the difference between a computer and a toaster so...