[Moderator Application] Flyff Section

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    [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    About Me:
    • 30-ish yrs young.
    • Mase is my real name.
    • I speaky da english.

    Anyways a little about me... I have been around the flyff sections for years, have been involved in several projects and even run some of them. I'm quite knowledgeable i think and i learn more and daily. Flyff was the first mmo i really got into. I'm and old school player from the v7 days which my brother who passed got me into.


    Reason for applying:
    The flyff section moderators are super inactive and the section is falling apart. Rather then letting the section die i feel someone needed to step up to the plate. With that said there are several things that need to be done in that section like cleaning up all the spam, handling reports, moving things to their appropriate sections. I report things quite a bit in the flyff section. Staff List has 0 flyff moderators. I also had some support from other section members: http://forum.ragezone.com/f456/moderators-1125794/

    My Activity:
    Just because i don't make a post a day, doesn't mean i'm inactive. In fact i do quite a bit of lurking, if post count is what your expecting all the time then i'm not that guy. I feel as though quality is better then quantity.

    I have had maybe one since i been here and i believe it was a misunderstanding and then was later removed.

    Final Remarks:
    If i am not picked for moderator then i fully understand, but this section needs a moderator badly. Either way, thanks for taking the time for looking over this application, it may not be as exuberant as other applications but i feel i am capable of handling the responsibility.

    Thanks for your time and(or) votes if you vote for me.
    - Ketchup
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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    I don't doubt your contributions as I've had a look at your history.

    Might want to fix those links though, in-case someone else wants to check it out.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    Quote Originally Posted by Kreeate View Post
    I don't doubt your contributions as I've had a look at your history.

    Might want to fix those links though, in-case someone else wants to check it out.
    Thanks, i added them :)

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    We need some mod on flyff section. this guy is helping and contribute on flyff section. You should consider his application. i will vote Ketchup to be a moderator.
    im NooB foR now

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    Looking at your app, along with your contribution history, I would say you are a great candidate.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    Had to write a comment about this guy as a member of RaGEZONE, excluding my status as a new moderator in the team.

    My personal experience with Ketchup:
    I've known him for a bit, met him in this very forum and I can strongly say he is a very mature person, who's never beating around the bush. We had couple chats about various things in regards to his releases and some random chit-chats, but from what I've experienced - he is sincerely interested in his like-able MMORPGs, which leads him to learn things about them, not hesitating to admit things he doesn't know, but always seeking to expand his knowledge in various fields and giving really valuable advises, who are never in any form of misconception and follows with solid proofs, always open for discussions and don't spam with a useless nonsense, just to get his post count higher.

    An overall great guy! Best of luck with your application!
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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    For an outside opinion on your application:
    I browsed through your contributions and the moderator thread for a bit. You claim that you like quality over quantity when it comes to posting, and it seems that you can back it up by your contribution and the nominations you've got on the moderator thread. Overall, the application is shorter than what you usually see in this section, but in spite of that, you've managed to say enough for me to have faith in your capabilities.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Flyff Section

    Looks like a solid application. Personally not active in the section so cannot comment whether a moderator is needed but the application is one of the better ones Ive seen around lately. Applications has reason, motivation and contributions. Showing initiative is a great quality to have.

    Im digging this. Good job :)
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