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    [Moderator Application] - Free MMO Servers

    Here we go again...

    I didn't think I'd be applying again after stepping down back when I wasn't in a fit state to do anything, but I miss it. I miss contributing in the only way I know I can and I want to start doing it again. Free MMO Servers was the best section I moderated along with Entertainment and Sudden Attack. During my time as a mod I felt useful, I want to experience that feeling again.

    My previous app - [Moderator Application] - Entertainment
    My RZ profile (post #12) - Updated: RZ Profiles

    Why? Because leaving the team did not make any difference to how I was acting. It took a few months afterwards for me to get my head straight again. Leaving the team was a mistake that I thought would help take some weight off my shoulders. However it made no difference.

    I am fully aware that the section does not need a moderator at this time. I'm happy to wait until a position opens up in the future.

    I kept this short as my previous app and profile explain everything else. It wasn't so long ago that I regrettingly stepped down so most smods should know who I am and what I'm capable of.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] - Free MMO Servers

    I am going to close this, because, yes we do know who you are, and we don't need any kind of public input (such as 'vouches' or whatnot) on this matter.
    It is being discussed and we'll let you know.

    Rest in Peace Akaruz