[Moderator Application] Habbo Hotel

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    cool [Moderator Application] Habbo Hotel

    Who I Am
    As my username implies, my name is Chris. I'm a 17 year old with a passion for web development and helping others to the best of my ability. I have done my best to be an active contributor to the Habbo Hotel community ever since my entrance into it back in 2010, however, my most notable contributions have been within the past few months.

    How Am I Applicable

    Most of what I do within my online presence strangely revolves around this section and Habbo in general. I have yet to invest time into a new language or framework without first basing my learning experience around this game, and most of my time online easily goes towards the game and community. Despite not owning many hotels, I have been a very active contributor and have helped numerous people out when contacted.

    Reasoning For My Contributions
    I have always wanted to help inspire other developers to invest time into learning new things. None of my releases lately have ever been done before in the community (and released) which is where my belief of how it's inspiring comes from. I'm constantly searching for new ways to make things easier for newcomers in the community, while also providing reliable stuff.

    Other Information
    If I was to be accepted into the moderator position, I could be active up to around 8 hours a day, sadly, on the weekends with a good 4 hours on the week days in between my classes and afterwards.

    I also would be able to provide moderation, while making more steady contributions to the section based on community feedback in my hope to help change how newcomers think within our community.

    For a closing statement, thanks for investing time into reading this application.

    Examples of contributions
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    Re: [Moderator Application] Habbo Hotel

    Yes, you've been in the section for 6 years, so since you were 11. However, you have only made 295 posts in 6 years... Is there a big enough of a contribution to become a moderator of a section RaGEZONE is so well known for? I, personally, don't think so.

    If RaGEZONE are looking for a Habbo Hotel moderator (which I'm unsure they are), I don't think you'd be the right candidate.
    ~ zMagenta.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Habbo Hotel

    The HH section currently has 4 moderators and a supervisor watching over it. I don't think the section needs a 6th pair of eyes.

    It's a no from me for now.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Habbo Hotel

    Why do you think there's a need for another pair of eyes on the Habbo section?

    There are 4 mods in there, and we are all active (except me in the last few days, though - been busy IRL, but I'm regaining my activity).

    So I'd say it's a no from me.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Habbo Hotel

    Not in need for another HH mod.
    @Kreeate could you close for future reference