Moderator Application for MMORPG Extra

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    Moderator Application for MMORPG Extra

    Hello, I’m Bradley.

    Age: 17
    Contact: Discord, Skype.
    Native: English

    I would like to apply for the MMORPG Extra zone.

    Who am I?
    I am someone who joined RaGEZONE around 2013 because I was mainly interested in finding sources at first but then eventually I started to get involved into the community by working on projects which helped others with their development. I love doing this and I ended up meeting other community members of RaGEZONE.

    I have been mainly sticking with the pokemon section till 2014 which then I decided to move onto a small fan based servers until recently. I moderated for a couple of different games.

    Why I applied for this section?
    I would like to help out the users of this section to find the correct resources and files as well keep the section neat and tidy by organizing the threads into the right sub sections. As well to encourage people to use the correct format and to follow the rules. I would love to help out.

    Why should you pick me?
    One of the main reasons why I want to apply is that I think I can be a valuable asset to the team because I think that I am able to make it a better place for the members by keeping the section tidy so that the members are able to find the necessary threads, posts and even resources to help them progress with their development or even to find the required fixes that they are struggling to find. I’ve tried to help out by reporting threads that did not comply with the section rules, I might have overdone this but I really wanted to help out.

    I already have been contributing several years to other communities and I think that RaGEZONE sticks out this is how I have built up a lot of experience over time by helping out. I’ve made some good friends over here at RaGEZONE and they've recommended me to apply here.

    Thank you for reading my application and feel free to ask questions if you need more information.


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    Re: Moderator Application for MMORPG Extra

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
    I would like to help out the users of this section to find the correct resources
    Why do you need the green name to do this?

    Also this is your third application within 3 months, are you sure you want to help out, or are you just after the green name?