[Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

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    cool [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    About me
    Name: Alexander
    Age: 22
    Languages: Russian, English, Latvian

    I'm mostly known for my releases in Silkroad Online section. First one to release Silkroad Online server files and making complete setup guide.

    Here are few of my releases

    Setting up a server based on VSRO server files
    SrPatcher 1.0.6 [Vietnam Silkroad v188]
    Evangelion (VSRO v188 gameserver addon)
    blowFisher [get blowfish key of any client]
    [Release] sroprot 1.3.6 source
    EvaTools 1.0.3 - dev
    pointAdder 1.0.5 - give players reward points for killing uniques
    brPatcher 1.0.0 - [BlackRogue]
    Cracked sro_client/Agent server (no Xtrap)
    [Release] ZSZC client patcher source
    [Release] BlackRogue server files + databases
    SRCMS - Free website for your silkroad online server

    Reason for applying
    I used to be first moderator in Silkroad Online section, but I had to stay inactive for a huge while - that's the main reason my moderator status got removed *i guess*. If someone knows stuff about SRO, then thats me.

    At least 1 - 2 hours every day
    SKYPE: live:cherno0x2f

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    i vote for you

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    If you can stay active this time, I'll vouch for you.
    ~ zMagenta.

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    you've got my vote aswell for being active on mu and helpful etc back then and sometimes now
    good luckies!

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    Damn cherny you still alive?

    A very well known and respected guy for sure!
    But baby, sro already has 2 mods, I highly doubt we need a 3rd!
    I Do not answer PM or Skype!
    I Do not have/buy/sell server files!

    !~Contribute Back To The Community~!
    Rep and Like the author!

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    you have my vote

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    Re: [Moderator Application] Silkroad Online section

    Great guy but when losing his interest he'll just discontinue everthing. Good luck tho bro ;)