Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

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    Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    We are currently preparing for the new Dragon Rank update that's coming soon.

    Watch the trailer for the upcoming patch:

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Enjoy the trailer of the upcoming Dust Cave patch.
    Collect White Crusher in Fireland to enter the new dungeon.

    You will be rewarded with Dragon Rank EXP scrolls and power-ups.

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Exciting trailers! Can't wait to play :D

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Joined 2 days ago. Pretty chill server.

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    #Patch Notes 18.08.2019

    - Dryad/Bileire 1on1 set (Knight lvl 125) added to Crystal Labyrinth.
    - [Questitem] White Crusher is now tradeable.
    - Goku Hair (Black), Goku Hair (Blue), Goku Hair (Purple), Goku Hair (Red), Goku Hair (White) added.
    - New Ice Dragon Models added.
    - Training Spirit of the Smelting Udi can now be deleted.
    - Fix client crash caused by teleporting into dungeons.

    #Patch Notes 30.08.2019

    - Add new Crystal Demon Cave dungeon (Dragon Rank 30).
    - Increase white crusher drop rate after dragon rank 30.
    - Add new meteo dungeon design (beta).
    - Add PvP balancing system (will be used in the next patch).
    - Add promo gift code system (For events like gamescom).
    - Add stackable beads system.
    - Add GW-Point reward for PvP Rumble. (10 Points)
    - Fix item destruction after upgrade from 3 to 4.
    - Fix clear mail button (UI).
    - Fix lord bank. (Database saving fix).
    - Fix client crash caused by teleporting into dungeons.
    - Fix client crash while loading guilds.
    - Disable meteo shout (testing).
    - School Event Cloak and Cloak of Bravery added to [Dragon Chip Dealer] Jeff.
    - Diablo Shield Skin fixed.
    - Diamond Necklace Lucky Box added to [Red Chip Merchant] Wafor (DR.35 required).
    - Mysterious Crystal added for Crystal Demon Cave.
    - Crystal Demon Cave Monster added.

    #Patch Notes 06.09.2019

    - Add guild siege spawn save time of 2.5sec.
    - Add max buffs for the siege and rumble buff pang.
    - Add logs if a GM closes offline vendors.
    - Add new fog sfx effects for upcoming maps.
    - Add additional PvP Rumble times for the US. (UTC+2 9:45PM, 2AM, 6AM)
    - Add new guild siege time for the US (Tuesday 8 PM UTC-5)
    - Change siege points message from system message to user message.
    - Fix one day VIP reset time.
    - Fix teleporter lvl desc. of the basilisk dungeon.
    - Crystal Demon Cave monster penya adjusted
    - Scroll of Experience ( Weapon Level ) did get new icon.

    #Patch Notes 11.09.2019

    - Update PvP Rumble map.
    - Add random treasure in the pvp arena (1h respawn time. PowerScrolls and Keys).
    - Add pvp rumble times (UI).
    - Add dust cave monsters to dragon rank 5 (more player dmg with higher DR).
    - Improve worldbuff server performance.
    - Lucky Book Model (Skins) Donate Box added.
    - Echoes of the Weary (Sleep) cooldown and duration changed.
    - Increase jester pvp dmg by 30%.
    - Increase Dust Cave boss drop rate by 2x.

    #Patch Notes 13.09.2019

    - Update PvP Rumble info text.
    - Update Guilde Siege times info text.
    - Disable speed worldbuff until fixed. (Could be cause of ghost dc's)
    - Reduce siege point req. for GW points.
    - Increase lord bank donation shout limit. (1mrd)

    #Patch Notes 19.09.2019

    - Add auto badge system for master, hero, legend hero.
    - Fix PK DMG reduction for Rumble and PvP Arena ("Ranger Bug").
    - Change guild siege text color to green.
    - Unstable Flask of the Warrior effect changed to 8%.
    - Unstable Flask of the Magician effect changed to 8%.
    - Unstable Flask of the Acrobat effect changed to 8%.
    - Event Token do not disappear after relog anymore.
    - Activition added to Collector field.
    - Ultimate Card Text fixed.

    #Patch Notes 24.09.2019

    - Add PvP Rumble join window (teleports you to the Rumble if you signed up).
    - Add weapon level exp scroll and donate treasure to dust cave.
    - Change kalgas egg spawn position (first stage).
    - Change guildwar msg color.
    - Fix arrow connect bug.
    - Fix secret room server crash.
    - Fix guild load client crash (mostly in dungeons).
    - Fix guild war points gain (some guilds did not get their points)
    - Increase premium and scroll of faster pet speed.
    - Increase basilisk entries to 4.
    - Decrease basilisk gear score to 6000.
    - Decrease min. dust cave gearscore to 5500.
    - Add maintenance mode system (security).
    - Add guild siege obstacle in the middle.
    - Event Tokens can no longer be donated to the guild bank
    - Unstable Flasks desciption fixed
    - Dragon Cloak Quest 8 and 9 Guardians changed
    - Shiny Behemoth's Shield and Behemoth's Shield can now be upgraded normally
    - 16x16 Icons added for Rumble
    - Modern Style Furniture Lucky Box added for VoteShop
    - Grab bag (Utility) tickets (1 day) removed
    - Grab bag (Utility) Remantis Laccotte added
    - Grab bag (Utility) Scroll of Custody chance greatly reduced
    - Grab bag (Pet Accessories) Scroll of Custody chance greatly reduced
    - 12 new tiles added for Fire Land, for example: kill 15.000 Auraclaw to get title: Auraclaw Hunter
    - Lucky Donate Treasure added for donation shop
    - 4% Cards added to Treasure (4% Card)
    - B Cards added to Treasure (B Card)
    - Element Cards added to Lucky Stack (Element Card)
    - Update glow change text.
    - Update shop name and dungeon enter texts.

    #Patch Notes 25.09.2019

    - Fix bag client crash.
    - Add kalgas back teleport.
    - Update kalgas bridges.
    - Replace party scroll in donate treasure with Love Chocolate.