Emerald Flyff - Enchanted Forest

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    Emerald Flyff - Enchanted Forest

    Emerald Flyff - Enchanted Forest

    Emerald Flyff is a new Private Server that launched March 1st with great success. We are the successor of Champions of Madrigal with many similar systems but also many new features and tweaks.

    Emerald Flyff aims to bring a more nostalgic gameplay and approach compared to our previous servers.

    Our Launch Trailer

    On April 1st we released our first expansion

    We are now releasing our second expansion that increase the level cap to 150-H and adding more Dungeons, More PvP options. New Gears and many more improvements!

    The Expansion is planned to release end of May so now is the prefect time to start playing and to be ready when it launches!

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    Re: Emerald Flyff - Enchanted Forest

    Looks nice! looking forward to try it out!