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    Re: [FlyFF] Flux FlyFF | Highrate & Fun | Unique Features | Custom Content | V19- Rea

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    Here are the latest patchnotes:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    General changes:
    - The Colosseum is now open. Test your skill and group up with other players!
    * You can find the Colosseum Manager at Nothern Flarine (next to Lord Manager)
    * Colosseum Mobs drops Colosseum Tokens. You can exchange them against unique rewards
    * One of the best rewards for Colosseum Tokens are the new Pick-up Pets with stats!
    * Colosseum can spawn different monsters. The true monsters, or the fake ones (affect droprate)
    * You won't get normal drops (like behemoth weapons or kalgas armor) from these monsters.
    - Added a new item (for fxPoints): "Scroll of Title" - You can choose your own custom title
    - Added some new cs fashion to GM-reward exchange, VP-Shop and fxPoints-Shop
    - From now on, you can use your Inventory Bags without activating the item
    - NFL Shoes(F) & Bunny Ears(F) can be worn as a male character too
    - The guild icons were replaced with new colorful icons
    - Added some stones to Guild Siege Arena to remove Stun Bugs

    - Fixed Dark Illusion (Skill-SFXs will be invisible, too)
    - Fixed the (on own standing) SFX bugs at 3rd Jobclass-Skills
    - Fixed the baruna cardsocket-bug at Templar shield and Mentalist book
    - Fixed a bug where other players use attack-motions while Lord-buffing
    - Fixed a bug where Blades lost their stats while switching weapons
    - Baruna Runes Treasures are now stackable (up to 9999)
    - (Not sure) Fixed a bug where players could stack their stats

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    Re: [FlyFF] Flux FlyFF | Highrate & Fun | Unique Features | Custom Content | V19- Rea

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    Another patch information:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    General changes:
    - From now on, you can upgrade your character to VIP-status (for fxPoints)
    (For more information about this feature, check the description in the donate shop)
    - You can change your armor glow effect with various aura glows now
    (We're still working on this system - maybe there are some bugs)
    - Added a option to the party window where you can de-/activate auto join
    - You can change the appearance of your pickup pet now
    - Free-For-All will be announced five minutes before start
    - Removed the pvp damage buff from elements on weapons/suits
    - Lowered the range of assist buffs (to prevent range asal)

    Changes to classes:
    - Knight: Increased set effects of Lv.120 armor (damage set)
    - Knight: Changed & Increased effects of Ancient Axe
    - Knight: Skill "Heart of the Tower" adds 5% pvp damage
    - Blade: Increased base HP (by 20%)
    - Blade: Increased Range Block to 15% (before 7%)
    - Ringmaster: Decreased cooldown of Skill "Soul of Rhisis" (to 3 min.)
    - Billposter: Lowered base HP (by 10%)
    - Psykeeper: Decreased "Crucio Spell" reflect to 50%
    - Psykeeper: Decreased damage of Skill "Aether Grasp" (~40%)
    - Ranger: Increased base HP (by 10%)

    - Baruna Armor Runes are now adding stats correctly
    (You need to take off your equipment and relog to fix the statbug)
    - Fixed a bug where players are moving around when lord use buffs
    - Fixed the bug at namechange scrolls - You can buy them now

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    Re: [FlyFF] Flux FlyFF | Highrate & Fun | Unique Features | Custom Content | V19- Rea

    Playing it abit right now. Server is good but ppl doesnt seem to have that random chats around the flaris etc - people just spam some buying lists.
    Not sure why it's like that.

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    Re: [FlyFF] Flux FlyFF | Highrate & Fun | Unique Features | Custom Content | V19- Rea

    Updated the main post. Long time ago something happened here, but our server is after more than one year still alive.
    Check our latest updates and more on our website:

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    Re: [FlyFF] Flux FlyFF | Highrate & Fun | Unique Features | Custom Content | V19- Rea

    Here are the patchlogs from our latest update (v2.3.0), have fun!

    Patch 2.3.0 - Official Patch Notes

    Event: Summer Happiness with Plushies
    * Plushies (Mocomochis, Burrs and Gray Earls) are invading Madrigal - It's up to you to drive them back.
    * You can get known event items like Octopus/Corn, Exp-Boosts, 3-Day VIP-Access and other useful items.
    * The best rewards are the new "Husky" and "Shadow Fox" Pet - Only available at this event!
    * And this weekend you will also get a 2x Exp Event.

    New: Madrigal Angels - Your new companion!
    * Usually you know these angels from the PK-System, but we have reworked them to be more useful.
    * They follow you, give you useful stats for PvE (All Stats, Monster-DMG & Experience) and also need to be feeded.
    * You need to farm different known dungeons and the knowledge about the Alchemy to create one of these angels.
    * More (and much more accurate) information will be posted in a new topic/guide later. Stay tuned!

    New: Guildhouses - More power for your guild!
    - The Guild House is now available. Meet up with other guild members and increase the power of your guild!
    * The registration fee is 20 Perins, after thatyou have to pay 10 Perins for every additional day.
    * You can get the furnitures in the "Guild treasures" which randomly gives your one of twelve furniture items.
    * This treasures costs you 50 Perins. The furnitures are binded to your character and hold on for 14 days.

    General Changes:
    - Lord Clockworks Alpha now spawns three times a day (1PM , 9PM & 5AM servertime).
    - Added a new pvp arena scoreboard design and resetted the K/D of every player.
    - Added new rebirth star icons and changed the structure (1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39 & 40).
    - Changed the Secret Room Time to 7PM servertime, one hour later than before.
    - Changed the Event Token exchange at Flarine Fairy to a more clearly shop window.
    - Set the Event Token price of all fashion sets to 1 (some of them costs 2 before).
    - The Bead Vendor - Perin Exchange has been changed to a Shop Window Style, too.
    - Resetted the Guild Siege Player Ranking.

    - Finally fixed the Glowchange-Windows.
    - Fixed the Bronze-Bead / Wizard Fashion Bug.
    - Fixed the name of the Phi Lizard Pet.
    - Made some missing translations.

    - Elemental upgrade on suits does not affect the incoming damage in pvp anymore.
    - Slayer: Increased the speed effect of "Blessing of War" to 75% (before 50%).
    - Templar: Increased reflect damage effect of "Pain Reflection to 70% (before 50%).
    - Templar: Increased the speed effect of "Heart of the Tower" to 75% (before 50%).
    - Mentalist: Increased damage done by "Spirit Bomb" by 20% (really now :D).
    - Mentalist: Lowered cooldown of "Aether Grasp's" to 8 seconds (before 12).
    - Mentalist: Increased damage done by "Aether Grasp's" by 10%.
    - Arcanist: Increased damage done by "Windfield" by 10%.
    - Arcanist: Increased damage done by "EVA Storm" by 15%.


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