Small help

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    Small help

    Hello everyone.
    I'm a new person on this forum. I am trying to unpack a Drift City client, but all I get is some .rsrc files and other stuff.
    I am trying to unpack Drift City TW 0.05H. I am also using the tutorial Fyyre has put up.
    I am making a .dll instead of unpacking ASProtect. I just have a problem with this. I believe you guys find this to be simple.
    Can you guys help me on this? (I've read most of this forum, and you guys are hard on people who ask for all of the files. I've been learning and researching this shit for (I think) about a year and a half. This is about the 1 thing I can't do.)

    I'd really appreciate the help, guys

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    Re: Small help

    Damn. You've spent a year on this shit?

    I think you'd have to use Olly, but unpack the executable before you open it.

    To do that, I would think you have to dump it (like your girlfriend). I'm an amateur coder, but my buds are experts. If savetherobots or anyone on this forum doesn't respond faster than I do, I'll ask my buds to see how they did it, and I'll come back to respond.

    Good Luck, man

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    Re: Small help


    Can you explain why you're replying to your own thread on your own 2nd account? Checked the IP's because something didn't look normal, both same IP's ;)

    ~ Kind regards

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    Re: Small help

    There's tutorials on the web, Google is your friend.
    I'm back I guess.