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    talk [Help]Packets


    I have downloaded rice once again hoping I can do better this time after learning the basics of visual c#, too bad is I have never dealt with packets, I do know that they are being used to deliver information between the client and the server.

    The problem is , since the client is not open-source, You kind of don't know what each packet contains or requests, right? or am I missing something?

    For example, I do know that packet number 85 is for the dealership, I did manage to fetch the following :
    • character-name
    • car-id

    But nothing about whether it requests a coupon or not and the color.

    And in packet number 86, you do write the information to it, for some reason the order is not the same.
          ack.Writer.Write(1);//no idea
          ack.Writer.Write(cid);//car id
          ack.Writer.Write(1);//no idea
    My question is this, Can you know what each packet contains or requests (and the type of the value)?
    If I am not understanding the concept of the packet right, can you please link me to somewhere where I can study it?
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    Re: [Help]Packets

    Unpack the client, create an IDB and use it in IDA. By reading the pseudo-C disassembled code of the client, you'll eliminate the need to "guess" the bytes and sniff packets, but sniffing will still be very useful, especially to know what action is handled by what packet, in what controller it's handled, etc.

    Good luck.
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