[Info] Packet Informations

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    [Info] Packet Informations

    As some of you already know, I have an open-source emulator at https://github.com/exmex/DCNC

    Since I started working on the emulator for fun, and learning experience (I learned a lot about reverse engineering :) Thanks @Future for the help btw.) I'd like to share my knowledge with all of you to make a better Drift City server.

    Attention: This by no means is finished nor do I say it's right or the correct packet structure. I'm just putting this here for your information, so you can maybe start coding your own emulator without knowing anything about reverse engineering. I'd welcome you if you would also check out my emulator and give feedback.

    Okay now to the topic of this thread. I've started creating a wiki on my emulator explaining what each packet is doing, how it's structured, and what answer the client wants. It currently only contains the AuthServer and the LobbyServer. But I want to expand it to contain all packets.

    Wiki is here:

    If you've feedback, please post it in the issue tracker of the repository. (If you don't have a github account, you can also post it here.)