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    Section Rules

    1. You are not allowed to advertise anything in this section thru means of posts/threads. For server advertisements, we have a separate section provided.

    2. Do NOT flame, swear, or insult anyone. Know how to RESPECT.

    3. No Bumping of threads older than 2 months unless its necessary (eg. dead link).

    4. No posting of malicious files or links.

    5. Your post should always be in English. If you're going to use other language, please have an English translation together with it.

    6. This section is strictly under the rule to use [TAGs]:
    [Help] for help threads, [Discussion] for discussions, an so on.

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in an infraction, and worst case, will result to BAN.

    By posting you AGREE to all of the above.