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    Minecraft - Forum Rules & Code of Conduct


    Welcome to the Minecraft section. All general RaGEZONE Forum Rules apply here, plus our extended guidelines. All Minecraft sub-sections are covered by the General Forum Rules, the Minecraft Forum Rules & Code of Conduct and any seperate rules enforced for the sub-section.

    You can find the General RaGEZONE Forum Rules here.

    1: Stay on-topic. Don't drift into a discussion about your favourite server or prefered choice of mod in a thread such as a tutorial.

    2: Do not distribute cracked copies of Minecraft.
    Minecraft is a paid game and a reasonably priced game at that. MentaL has however shared a link to 1.1.2_01 here. This is the only link I shall be permitting given it's the boss man who posted it. Any others will be deleted (see here).

    3: Do not abuse other members. This includes flaming, swearing, humiliating or mocking other users. The Minecraft moderation team will not tolerate this on any level.

    4: Search before creating a thread. You could be creating a duplicate of a thread which has already been created, such as a server release or a tutorial. This rule may be overlooked depending on the quality of your thread.

    5: Do not ask off-topic questions in release, development or tutorial threads! If you have a question, kindly make use of our help section instead.

    6: Do not spam. Simple replies such as 'lol' or 'ty u' or anything like that will be considered as spam and you will most likely be warned. In addition to this rule, any posts which don't relate to the topic being discussed or a post which doesn't help a user's problem, will also be treated as spam.

    7: Post in the correct section. The Release section isn't for requests or help threads, neither is the Tutorials section. Use the main section for Minecraft-related threads which don't fit into any other sections

    8: Do not double/triple/quadruple post. One post is enough, if you have something else to say just edit your last post instead of double posting (if there's a post after your last post that's fine, what I mean is don't create another post if the last post was posted by you).

    9: Don't abuse the tag system. Tags (which you can add to the bottom of your thread) are there to enhance searches of the forum, not for random unrelated nonsense. If you're adding tags make it relevant to the topic at hand.

    10: Don't hijack a thread. This means don't change the original topic of a thread to fix your problems. Stick to the topic at hand, if you have a problem then make a thread for it, don't use someone else's.

    11: Search before posting. There may already be a thread created about a similar problem you have, so search the forums instead of cluttering it up by making multiple threads on the same problem.

    12: Use thread prefixes. When making a Help/Release/Guide thread, when creating the thread either use vBulletin's thread prefix/tag feature (a drop-down menu beside the thread name box) or manually enter it yourself. It helps to keep things organised. Tags include; Help, Changelog, Other, Resource, Development, Guide, Tool, Mod, Skin and Texture Pack

    13: Stop repeating yourselves. If one person has already posted that the links are dead, you don't have to. Your post will be treated as spam and you will be infracted.

    14: Do not charge people for help. RaGEZONE is a community where we help people for free, not for a price or any other form of payment. You do not demand a payment for your services. Why should someone have to pay for information that is freely available?

    15: 'Like' useful posts. If you found that someone's post was rather useful or helpful then please use RaGEZONE's 'like' feature. It's just like Facebook - you 'like' a post. If you are simply posting "thank you" or something along those lines you will be infracted for two rule violations - spamming (see no. 6) and violating this rule.

    16: Don't give out e-mail/IM addresses. Fair enough you're wanting to offer quick tailored help to someone but the forums are here specificly for that so make use of the forums please instead of just posting your e-mail address and saying "i'll help u lolz". Plus, posting your e-mail is a security threat to yourself as bots scanning the web for e-mail addresses can pick up your e-mail and dump your inbox full of crap.



    The Minecraft Moderation Team is NOT required to help you with server problems. We are only here to clean up.

    We reserve the right to remove any files, links, posts or threads as we see fit without notifying you or providing a reason. If you feel that we have unjustly removed your content, feel free to contact a super. We're sure they'll be more than happy to help you.

    Minecraft Sub-Sections

    Minecraft Forum Index (Main Forum) - For general Minecraft discussion, threads which don't fit in anywhere and help threads.
    Minecraft Releases - For any modification releases, skins or other add-ons
    Minecraft Tutorials - Browse through our array of tutorials to help set up a Minecraft server.

    Code of Conduct

    When browsing this section of the forum (and any other section in RaGEZONE) you are expected to be kind and helpful if you can. You aren't allowed to swear at other users or hurt them in any way, directly or indirectly. We kindly ask you to report any rule-breakers by clicking on the report () icon at the bottom right-hand corner of an offending post.

    With thanks,
    The Minecraft Moderation Team
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