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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name: LDGaming FTB
    Server version: Feed the Beast Mindcrack 1.4.7
    IP and Port:
    Whitelist?: Nope
    Offline mode?:No Ofline Available
    Type of server : Feed the Beast (Mindcrack) Survival
    Brief description:
    Long Distance Gaming is the future of a simplified gaming community. We are here to present you with a new gaming experience. We offer active admins, high quality hardware, and the hopes of building a great community. LDG is now pleased to present you with a top quality Feed the Beast Minecraft server.

    Please stop by and join in the fun:
    Feed the Beast Mod: Mindcraft Pack
    24/7 Uptime

    We hope to see you there.

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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name:Nova craft
    Server version: ALL
    IP and Port:
    Slots: 20 but we will upgrade once we get 15
    Whitelist?: no
    Offline mode?: its premium
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): survival
    Screenshots (2 maximum):not yet
    Brief description:We are pvp, grief, faction, raiding server no hacks allowed and other than that you must donate to become staff and we will have a website up in no time so enjoy the server with this ip

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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name:Not sure yet
    Server version:Bukkit/1.5 Dev Build
    IP and Port: Port is 25565 This is temp.
    Offline mode?:Nope
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative):Bukkit, Survival, Creative, Prison, CTF, PVP, PVE, ETC
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description:Server is still under construction so it would be a pleasure if you would like to come build, help with the plugins, etc etc :D!

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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name:CannaCraft
    Server version:1.5.1
    Offline mode?:No
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative):Bukkit , Survival and Creative
    Website : cannacraft.blogspot.com
    Official Website:cannacraft.enjin.com
    Brief description : Cannacraft is open 24/7 and uses multiple plugins like Factions , Economy , Drugs SkyBlock , SkyGrid
    !!!!!NO LAG!!!!!!
    It is cracked so it doesn’t require a prenium Minecraft Account.
    JOIN US NOW!!!!!
    Watch the Server's Teaser Trailer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMxiW...ature=youtu.be
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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: RaGECRAFT
    Server version:1.5.1
    IP and Port:mc.ragezone.com
    Offline mode?:no
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): survival (possibility of a creative world to be added!)
    Screenshots (2 maximum): Check the RaGECRAFT section!
    Brief description: RaGEZONE's very own minecraft server! for more information on the server then check out this thread: http://forum.ragezone.com/f681/ragec...r-info-917589/

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Regal Realms
    Server version: 1.5.1
    IP and Port: mc.regalrealms.com
    Slots: 100
    Whitelist?: no
    Offline mode?: no
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description:
    The goal when you first join the game is to rank up through the kingdoms and reach the top rank.
    There are a total of 4 kingdoms to rank up through and other kingdoms that can be reached through other means.
    To rank up you need to earn money by doing various things in the kingdom.
    Each kingdom has different ways of getting money.

    Every kingdom is unique with different style buildings, market, mine, mob boss, mobs and more.
    The server runs with a dedicated, high speed server. The server is 24/7 with frequent backups.
    As more people join and donate the more slots and the faster the server runs.

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Void-Craft
    Server version:1.5.1
    IP and Port: voidcraft.com
    Slots: 40
    Whitelist?: no
    Offline mode?: no
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Bukkit Skyblock
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description: A Dope Skyblock Server!

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Arctic Hotel MineCraft (Redstone Server)
    Server version: 1.5.1
    IP and Port: ArcticHotel.co.uk:25565
    Slots: 100
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: No
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Vanilla Creative
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description:

    I've recently opened a new MineCraft Server with a friend, We're still working on improvements and other parts on the server there fore we apologies if anything is not up-to-date.

    Please let us know what you think & what you think needs improving, Our max userlimit is 100, We just opened a couple of days ago therefore we nee d some new players to join and play on the server if they want.

    Our server is DDoS Protected and we've improved security therefore we wont have downtime it'll be minimal downtime.

    We also need some new staff, we'll be hiring staff to help out on the server soon, possibly in a few days time. Just connect to our server and contact Stephen or Noman on the game.


    MC Server: ArcticHotel.co.uk

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    big grin Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name: Evercast
    Server version: Minecraft 1.5
    IP and Port: evercast.org 25565
    Slots: 20 for Beta period then will expand as needed.
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: no
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival Faction PVP
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
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Size:	116.2 KB 
ID:	127097
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-04-05_22.18.30.jpg 
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Size:	465.1 KB 
ID:	127096
    Brief description:
    We are currently still in beta, and the server may have a few unexpected bugs. So bear with us.The server is also only maxing out at 20 people, until we decide the server is not in any need of fixes.
    EverCast is no ordinary server. We made it so our players have more things to do. There is a PvP portion of the server, there is a RP portion to the server, there is a survival portion, and an Economy / Creative portion.
    Basically, when you first start out, you choose a "side" or a "faction". Once you choose a side, you will be warped to that side's main city. There, you are safe in your cities walls, or you can wander out into the wilderness by yourself or with friends, and build a house together. You will be able to "/sethome" and warp to your home with "/home". While in the wilderness, however, your posessions are unsafe, and can be destroyed or stolen. This is why you can save up for a lot. A lot is a group of land that you can buy within your cities walls, that nobody can grief, and your items are safe from harm. You can talk to your faction, or talk to the public which is both factions.
    There is a world shop, which players can purchase a wide variety of items with their in-game money. You gain money by collecting resorces, and selling it to the server, or recieving money from another player. There are two factions, the Bulwark and the Pilfer. They are unfriendly towards each other, and can only pvp agianst each other. PvP in Evercast Minecraft is fairly big, seeing as you can PvP wherever there is wilderness, which is everywhere except the main cities. So the other faction can basically "raid" the other faction's side of the world, and kill them.
    There is one spot, however, that is meant for PvPing. This is the main bridge that connects the two "sides" of the world together. There are portals to this bridge in each main city. In the center of the bridge, there is whats called an "EverCast" which is an orb that both factions are fighting over. The Evercast is said to have a mystical power that grants whichever side is in control of it, more power.
    Help your faction by creating armor, raising money, growing power, and help to fight over that mystical orb. And enjoy Evercast MineCraft.

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    ! Pvpcraft

    Server name:[[[ PVPCRAFT ]]]
    Server version: 1.5.1
    IP and Port:
    Slots: 50
    Whitelist?: no
    Offline mode?: yes
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): PVP WAR FACTIONS
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description:
    this server is the very own youtube stars yogscast pvp server you may have seen other yogs servers but this is the one and only

    also looking for staff :D
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2013-02-09_12.42.59.jpg   2013-02-09_12.41.13.png  

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements


    : 1.5.1
    Roleplay and survival
    IP :

    Dedicated Server
    Working 24/7
    Bukkit 1.5.1
    80 Slots
    PVP = On

    Owner : HQPringles
    Admin - vladi
    Helper - WepLax
    VIP - Gal


    Spawn CityHall

    Spawn Shops

    Teleports Room

    Capture The Flag

    PVP Zone

    We Have Many Systems ,
    PVP , Zones , Parkour Event , Unusual Events , Pets , VIP's And More !

    If You Need Any Help :
    Skype : HQPringles

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    server name:i don't have a name for my server yet
    server version:1.5.1
    IP and Port: or
    whitelist?:no white list but a login
    offline mode?:yes
    type of server: survival
    screenshots:no screenshots my computer is to laggy!
    brief description:a survival fun server!

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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Dedicated Server Specs: Intel Xeon E3-1270 (Sandy Bridge 3.4ghz) 32 Gigs of Registered Memory, 160gig Intel SSD


    SERVER ADDRESS: game.world8-4.ca

    Website Address: http://www.world8-4.ca


    World8-4 is an HARDCORE RPG Item Economy Server with some PVP elements. We use Extra Hard Mode, Blood Moon and Corruption as some of our Core Mods. We also have Custom Item Drops done by Mythic Drops and Custom Generated Terrain for that RPG Feeling. We have a full line of Quests coming, Multiple Worlds and More! We take cheating very serious and have plugins such as PvP Tag, Anti-Cheat and more to help keep things fair!!

    We are an established server that has been around for about 24 months now. We welcome any mature user that wants to come build, quest and have a good time. We have an established spawn town that is user friendly and easy to get around. We have tons of dedicated staff on all the time to help you when ever you need it. Check out our Website / Forums for more info!

    Looking for a place to Build?** ---- See **world8-4.ca** Top Middle is the dynamic map link!! it shows the Towny towns and all that stuff - great tool for finding some free land!!

    World Features:

    - Survival Games (Hunger Games) with 3 Maps!!
    - Spleef!
    - Custom Generated Terrain
    - PvP Tag (Anti PVP Cheat)
    - Extra Hard Mode
    - BloodMoon
    - Corrution
    - Multiple Worlds
    - Towny
    - LWC (chest / door locks)
    - McMMO
    - Mob Arena
    - Death Chests
    - Player Shops
    - Gringotts (Item Economy)
    - NoCheatPlus
    - ChestShops
    - Live stats on the website for McMMO and PvP Battles!

    and tons more!

    Other Features

    * Ventrillo
    * Website / Forums
    * Interactive Map
    * Friendly Community


    Pictures from our new world!

    Additional Details

    Epic PVP / Surivial / RPG Hardcore Server! with Spleef and Survival Games!

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    best server ever!

    best server ever!


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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name: MCApocalypse
    Server version: Bukkit Recommended Build
    IP and Port: play.mcapocalypse.com
    Slots: 50
    Whitelist?: No Whitelist
    Offline mode?: No Offline Mode
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival / Economy
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AD1.jpg 
Views:	3 
Size:	43.8 KB 
ID:	128436
    Brief description:
    MCApocalypse is a Survival War Clan Server. Although we are primarily a Clan War environment, we also encourage a friendly and helpful community. Our primary goal is to listen to our player base through forum discussions and develop a server that caters to all our players needs and desires.

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