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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    version: 1.7.4
    PVP Factions Survival
    website: http://mcoutrage.enjin.com
    Ip: on website
    Newly created server be the first to join us.

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Name: The Walking Craft
    Version: 1.7.2
    Time On: 24/7
    SLOTS: 100
    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d2...OSWALDO%29.rar


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    note AmericusCraft 1.7.2 [24/7]

    Server name: Welcome to AmericusCraft

    Website: http://www.americuscraft.com

    Server version:

    IP and Port: Port: 25565



    Offline mode?:

    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative):

    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    See Attachments

    Brief description:
    AmericusCraft is a free minecraft survival server. Server is running version 1.7.2. Free to join. Build anything you can think of.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ameri.png   Ameri1.png  
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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Mastercraft
    Server version: 1.7.2 or higher.
    IP and Port:
    Slots: 10
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: Yes
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival
    Screenshots (2 maximum): See Attachments :)
    Brief description: We are a new server has a Big City,you can make what ever you want. City is by minecraftmaps.com
    Plugin editors: Worldguard and WorldEdit. thanks to all the help to the world Maker and also the plugin Developers.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2014-03-19_22.53.34.jpg   2014-03-19_22.54.59.png  
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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Server name: PokéBankin' Survival and PokéBankin' Adventure
    Server version: 1.6.4 (both)
    IP and Port: mc.pokebankin.com/pbs.pokebankin.com/hub.mcarchway.net
    Slots: 80/100
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: No
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Economy-focused Pixelmon Adventure/ Pixelmon Survival
    Screenshots (2 maximum): http://pokebankin.com/gallery
    Brief description: PokéBankin' is a community of Pixelmon-modded Minecraft servers that run on version 1.6.4. Our servers are both members of the McArchways Hub and consist of an Adventure Server and a Survival Server that share the same brand name, PokéBankin'! Our Adventure server has been up and running for a few months, while our Survival server has only recently been brought public!

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: SolsticeCraft
    Server version: 1.7.2
    IP and Port: s36.hosthorde.com:25846
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: No
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival
    Screenshots (2 maximum): No screenshots but a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob2Js5cETJs
    Brief description: Solstice is a new raiding pvp server. Our map is 10000x10000 so you got plenty of space to hide and It's not to hard to find other bases. You may raid and grief anyone. Create your own faction and invite friends and become the very best and rule the server!

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Flintlock Factions
    Server version: 1.7.4
    IP and Port: flinklock.us.to:25860
    Slots: 50 (currently)
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: No
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Factions
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description: Flintlock Factions is a server with a dedicated and friendly staff team. We have mini games under development and are always looking for new ways to improve our server. We have constant updates and 24/7 uptime. Join today!

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    Join VoarCraft today!

    Server name: VoarCraft
    Server version: 1.7.2
    IP and Port: voarcrafti.cloudapp.net
    Slots: 100
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: Yes (Login security allows 3 accounts per IP)
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival (Bukkit Factions)
    Brief description: We are a brand new community looking for mature, supportive players. As of now we only feature the Factions plugin, but as the player-base expands, so will the amount of minigames. We have an economy sign shop (Also selling spawners!), and a Farmers Market where you can sell your crops to make money fast! Get this: All players get 3 homes by default! That could mean one for your base, one for your secret vault, and one for raiding (Which is allowed!) We here at VoarCraft honestly want you to have fun, so those of you who want to join and automatically bug us for a staff position better think twice. Come join us! IP again: voarcrafti.cloudapp.net

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    Re: Join VoarCraft today!

    Server Name: NYD Minecraft
    Server Version: 1.7.8
    IP: mc.nyd.lv
    Slots: 30 (Will be more if players fills them)
    Mode: Offline
    Type of Server: Survival
    Brief Description: NYD Community offer minecraft server. Official forum - http://forum.nyd.lv/. Server features: Factions plugin, Mob Arena and other minigames. We have at spawn starter kit's to help new players grow up, also server support Essentials economy so there is a shop where players can buy and sell items. Of course other things as enchant tables, jail's, houses. Come and try it!

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    thumbs up [1.7.2] factions - skyblock - skypvp - skywars - minigames and more fun staff



    WEBSITE = http://CRAFT.LV

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Survival Craft
    Server version: 1.7.9
    IP and Port: mc.survival-craft.eu
    Slots: 30 (currently)
    Whitelist?: No
    Offline mode?: We don't support cracked clients
    Type of server: Survival

    Brief description:

    We are a server that plans to give users a very basic experience, we don't believe in overloading you with loads of plugins that ruin the whole gaming experience, we only have a few carefully selected plugins at the moment and we plan to keep them like that.

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: CosyCraft

    Server version: v.1.7.2

    IP and Port: (We use the default 25565 port)

    Slots: 20 (Subject to change in the future).

    Whitelist?: No

    Offline mode?: Yes, we allow cracked clients.

    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Survival

    Screenshots (2 maximum):

    Brief description:

    CosyCraft is a relatively new server created for the simple purpose of casual fun. The gameplay is very laidback, and the rules are not as restricting as that of other servers. We run on Bukkit and have various features to help enhance the gameplay, such as Factions and SignShop. We value the player's experience above all, and thus are very open-minded to any suggestions or input from them as a result. As a server we hope to grow, not only as a community, but as an overall experience from which you can fondly remember.

    Our website/forum is: deveonz.forumotion.net/c3-cosycraft
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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: Age Of Magic Community
    Server version: 1.7.2,1.7.5,1.7.9
    IP and Port: mc.ageofmagic.eu
    Offline mode?:cracked/premium
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative):Factions,Minigames,SkyWars,SkyBlock,KitPvP,OPrison..
    Screenshots Hub:

    Brief description: and open a few days stay updated on facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Age-O...99354966768090

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    Re: Advert FrixaCraft

    Feed The Beast
    Direwolf20 1.4.7
    Type DW20 in pack codes

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    Re: Minecraft Server Advertisements

    Server name: NostalgiaProject
    Server version: alpha 1.1.2_01
    IP and Port:
    Slots: 40
    Whitelist?: Nope
    Offline mode?:Yes
    Type of server (Survival / Tekkit / Creative): Nothing of those, freebuilding
    Screenshots (2 maximum):
    Brief description:
    This is the most unique server you ever can find out there since its so special. the alpha 1.1.2_01 got a mod called hMod.
    The files have been gone for 2 years and got founded by me

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