King 4.24 3G, New Client And Couple Other New Files

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    Rungate is Port 7200 for a start....You mean Charselect Gate or you mistyped the port maybe..

    As fas as I know, no-one has managed to get the King files running - the client always sticks at "Connecting", Ive tried with every single client known to man, front ends and god knows what else. For now I have given up on these files...there is no Proof even if they have armour glows etc..

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    well rungate is the only port that don't open for me lol. Tried the port set 7200 before and it always reverts back to port 7100 lol.

    Appied is a screenie of my gates

    If i could get the highlighted gate to open/connect i might have a chance of getting on as i got passed the notice screen to the mir3 picture with loading at the bottom.

    This may be where you have gotten up to Tera, but i'd still like to get the problem gate sorted then i can try other clients as exes.
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    i can't download this server files this same error in all links in this tread;/

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    no links work for me

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    Re: King 4.24 3G, New Client And Couple Other New Files

    Can Any One ReUplod Files Pls

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    sad Re: King 4.24 3G, New Client And Couple Other New Files

    You can address expired again in King 4.24 3G New Login Server New DB Server Newest Client!

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