[Read First] Iris Online Section Rules

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    ! [Read First] Iris Online Section Rules

    Greetings to all,

    I made this thread for some rules to implement. Any disobeyed rules can result to an infraction or a user ban.

    Before reading the rules listed in this thread i made, you must first read this thread as the general rules of Ragezone.

    Iris Online Section Rules And Regulations

    1. Leechers must put credits to the original owner of a certain share/guide if they want to make a new thread.

    2. Spamming is not allowed, go to holics section to post all your spamful thoughts.

    Instead of posting in a thread like "You're are spammer" or "You're in a wrong section",
    just use the report button () and an authorized person will give appropriate action regarding to your report.

    3. Offtopics are not allowed much in this section, just send a message to the person you want to talk with.

    4. Bots and Hacks are not allowed in this section.

    5. Advertising your server or someone's product is unlawful and not permitted here. (links, images, notes)

    There's a section here in Ragezone where you can advertise a private servers; and a section for server team recruitment.

    6. Don't double your post, use edit button instead, or one of the post will be deleted.

    7. Please don't post your IP here, it's not safe. (Any private that must be kept).

    8. Don't post what is already in the guides.
    They will be closed and posted that It is in the guide.

    9. Please use english as your main language. If you do want to post another language,
    please post a english translations along with it.

    10. Do not create threads or posts asking for a team/server to join.
    Search in Recruitment section if you want to join a team.

    11. Do not ask off-topic questions in release, development or tutorial threads! If you have a question, kindly make use of our help section instead.

    12. Do not use strong language or say vulgar comments towards people, and don't flame. If you flame you will be requested to be ban, no expressions!

    13. We don't accept apologies from members like "sorry for having a doubled post" or "sorry mod for this flame words", rules are rules.

    14. Buying or selling of files/ programs, shares, or guides is strictly not allowed here.

    15. Do not Reply "Thanks". If you want to thanks to that person, Just click "Like".

    16. Post to the Right Section. All threads posted at the wrong section will be deleted, No questions.
    • To Discuss Iris Online development Post on Iris Online Development.
    • For help or requests Post on Main Section.
    • To Share Tools, Files, Release Post on Iris Online Releases.
    • To Share Tools Guides Post on Iris Online Tutorials

    17. All post regarding the update of other private server will be deleted as well. All post regarding other private servers update will be considered as advertising and violators will receive infraction.

    LOG's POSTING and Screen shots:

    This is seriously an inconvenience to the forum readers. It would be advisable for you to do the following.

    1. Copy the log and load it as an attachment.
    2. Find the error part in your log and post just that part here.
    3. Small and large picture is now allowed to be posted. (Large will be resized)
    4. When posting long codes please use the code tag.

    This will make the forums much more clean, clear and readable.

    Please abide by this rule under any circumstances.


    Most users dont even bother looking around before posting their query.
    Don't be as stupid as a begging and spoonfeeding members.
    You all are requested to please search around before posting up.
    Most of the problems have been discussed multiple number of times and you will tend to find a solution to the problem already on the forums.

    Please make USE of the search button. Search won't bit you!

    Additional Rules:

    • [Share] Topic Name – If you wish to contribute your set of server files or other programs (Don't include any personal server links or name).

    • [Guide] Topic Name – If you wish to share the Guide that you have written regarding the making of Ran Server (Don't include any personal server links or name).

    • [Help] Topic Name – If you intend to seek help if you are stuck somewhere in the process of making your own server. Please refrain from mentioning any names in the topic.

    • [Tool] Topic Name – If you wish to share a tool that you found or personally made (Don't include any personal server links or name).

    • [Question] Topic Name - I you like to ask some questions. Can be related to [Help] also.

    • [Info] Topic Name - If you wish to share some info, news, or anything related to Ran Server Development.

    • [Dev] Topic Name - If you wish to develop some files or other programs together with the help of other members.
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    Re: [Read First] Iris Online Section Rules

    Please take note.
    There has been a "Help section" added. From now on please post all help related threads there..

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